ASP.NET jClassified

Full Featured, Cloud Ready, Customizable, Classified AD Listing Solution for ASP.NET MVC

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ASP.NET jClassified is a complete solution with all basic and advance features required to build highly scalable, professional classified & directory listing solution in ASP.NET MVC platform.

It can be used as standalone classified solution targetting any specific topic e.g Furnitures or can be set with broad topic


Core feature of ASP.NET jClassified includes

Membership Module

It include complete membership module for handling all basic & advance membership management including.

  • Create Account, Login, Forgot Password, Change Password, Change Email, Update Profile, Update Photo, Close Account
  • Login via third party providers including Facebook, Twitter, Google etc
  • My Account for managing user settings, data, created polls, book mark polls, voted polls etc
  • Public Profile for listing user public info, data, user listings etc
  • Manage transaction and order history
  • Membership account types include Agency and Users

Listing Module

It is the core module of ASP.NET jClassified solution. List of main feature includes

  • Ability to posts unlimited ads by Agency & Users.
  • Ability to attach unlimited photos, videos etc with each ad listing
  • Ability to allow anonymous and logged in users to post ads.
  • Support basic and advance functionalities to handle any level of ad listing attributes based on category where ad to be posted.
  • Manage unlimited categories for ad listings.
  • Manage unlimited ad listing attributes for each category. e.g Auto have own attributes, Furniture have own etc.
  • Manage location for ad listings. Either set single location to target local businesses, or within country or world wide.
  • Support domain clustering. Set single database with multiple domains. e.g target furniture ads, target auto ads. All comes under same user management.
  • Support making ads featured and top ads for one week, one month etc based on packages settings.
  • Support managing packages for marking ads featured or top ads.
  • Support private message board to exchange message directly within ad listing.
  • Support renewing expired ads, every ad listing can be expired after one month (can be managed from control panel)
  • Support numerous action attributes including marking ads as sold, share ads, post abuse / spam report, rate listing and more.
  • Support normal, advance search, location based search and searches via map functionality to browse ad listings.
  • Advance Listing SDK to generate classified listings based on hundreds of ways.
  • Support advance category management to categories ad listings
  • Support additional tags or labeling ad listings to further group ads into useful groups.
  • Support archive expired / sold ads, ad listings via date filter, ad listings via featured, expiring soon, top ads and numereous other filtrs.
  • RSS, ATOM feed supported for ad listings.
  • and more

Agency Module

Agency module act simlar to normal users but have additional privilages. Main feature includes

  • Agency can be paid or featured.
  • Agency have extended membersip profile with additional company information.

Public Profiles

  • Support professional profiles for both users and agencies.
  • Display user public information and list of available ad listings.
  • Communication tools to communicate with user or agency.
  • And more.

Location Profiles

  • Support managing country, cities or multiple level regions within city profiles.
  • Support post ads directly from specific location page.
  • and more.

Other Features

List of important features & modules include

Multiple Languages Management

ASP.NET jClassified support multiple language user interface. It allows you to setup your preferred language as default language.

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Advance Dashboard Application

ASP.NET jClassified have advance single page dashboard application written in latest Angular Framework to help site administrator manage website settings, configurations, users, contents, reports and logs.

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Credits & Monthly Subscription Management

ASP.NET jClassified include paid membership subscriber module, if enabled can allow users to buy or subscribe to access paid or premium contents

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Google & Bing Sitemaps Management

ASP.NET jClassified include module to generate google & bing sitemaps dynamically from website contents to speedup website content indexing and exposure to search engines

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Category Management

It is the most important module of almost every type of web application. It can help you organize large amount of contents into useful categories.

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Tag Clouds & Labels Management

ASP.NET jClassified have built-in support for managing tag clouds or labels to organize large amount of contents in useful & search engine friendly manner.

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Advertisement Module

ASP.NET jClassified have built-in support for managing advertisement slots and scripts for each slot to display ads effectively in whole public application.

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Enable AWS WebServices

This document will guide you how to enable aws webservices in ASP.NET jClassified to start storing, transcoding and streaming media files from cloud.

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Listing SDK

ASP.NET jClassified support advance Listing SDK that can help you design content listing on hundreds of ways within minutes without making manual effort to create listings.

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Spam & Abuse Report Management.

ASP.NET jClassified include spam, abuse reporting module that can help users to submit spam or abuse reports on any type of contents uploaded by users in order to force moderators to review and take action on reported contents.

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Content Review & Screening Module

ASP.NET jClassified include advance content processing & screening module to automatically review and encrypt or highlight words that may violates website terms or use.

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Mail Processing Engine

ASP.NET jClassified include advance mail processing engine that allow site administrator to manage & customize email templates for all emails send or receive within website.

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Error Handling Module

ASP.NET jClassified include advance error handling & reporting module that can help website to track error and generate reports.

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Roles & Permissions Management

ASP.NET jClassified dashboard application include advance object based roles & permission module that can allow super administratot to create roles and assign to users or groups.

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Cache Management

ASP.NET jClassified include support both local & cloud based distributed cache management to cache shared website data to boost performance of application.

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Dictionary Management

ASP.NET jClassified include dictionary module that can help site administrator to restrict some keywords to be used within website.

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Pagination Module

ASP.NET jClassified have included easy to use, portable pagination script to paginate listing contents.

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Content Review System

ASP.NET jClassified include conent review & approval module that can help site administrator to review user posted contents and task action into it

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