Main Features

List of core components and features include.

i: Form Components

jAngular 2 include advance components that can help you build complex angular dynamic forms with validations easily (by writing few lines of code).

e.g you can create textbox element with required validation

controls.push(new Controls.Textbox({
	  key: 'title',
	  label: 'Title',
	  value: entity.title,
	  required: true,
	  order: 0,
	  maxLength: 300,
	  helpblock: `Enter post title`

Similarly you can create radio list

controls.push(new Controls.RadioButtonList({
        key: 'culture',
        label: 'Culture',
        value: entity.culture,
        required: false,
        order: 0,
        options: [{
        key: 'en', value: 'English'
        }, {
         key: 'ar', value: 'Arabic'
        }, {
         key: 'fr', value: 'French'

You can make options dynamic by at time of Controls.RadioButtonList object create or after by access object via key e.g

	for (const control of this.controls) {
        if (control.key === 'culture') {
            control.options  = [{ -- LIST OF Items -- }];

jAngular 2 support almost every type of elements and validations, you can customize it by adding more elements and custom validations

You can use jAngular 2 forms with any type of forms creation within your application. Some basic and advance examples implementation already available in toolkit.

ii: Uploaders

jAngular 2 include components that can perform real time html5 compliant ajax uploading operation. It can be used for almost every type of uploading purpose including uploading one or more files, images, videos, audio.

It can allow you to restrict no of uploading files, mimetype, file size restriction and more.

It can be easily integrate with dynamic form or use as standalone uploader

It can allow you to easily customize look and feel and uploader functionality with your requirements.

Sample example for integrating photo uploader with dynamic form.

controls.push( new Controls.Uploader({
      key: 'file',
      label: '',
      value: [{
           fname: entity.picturename,
           filename: entity.picturename,
           filetype: '.jpg',
           img_url: entity.img_url
      }], // list of files pass to uploader component for display purpose
      required: false,
      helpblock: '', // display information below uploader component
      uploadoptions: {
          handlerpath: this.config.getConfig('host') + 'admin/categories/uploads', // api path (for backend file processing)
          pickfilecaption: 'Select Image',
          uploadfilecaption: 'Start Uploading',
          pickbuttoncss: 'btn btn-danger waves-effect waves-light',
          maxfilesize: '8mb',
          chunksize: '8mb',
          headers: {},
          extensiontitle: 'Images Files',
          extensions: 'jpg,jpeg,png',
          filepath: '',
          username: 'administrator',
          removehandler: '',
          maxallowedfiles: 10
      order: 0

jAngular 2 toolkit include complete examples for integrating uploaders with dynamic forms and as standalone uploader.

jAngular 2 also include components for real time uploading images with cropping abilities.

iii: Redux Listings

jAngular 2 toolkit support advance redux compliant data listings and management components with complete examples that can help you implement complex data listings functionality with redux state control easily taht is normally impossible or take weeks to build and implement.

Complete practical listing examples available within jAngular 2 toolkit.


Features Overview

  • Angular Video Uploader

    jAngular Toolkit include portable video uploader module that can be easily integrate in your angular application to provide video uploading functionality.

  • Angular Photo Uploader

    jAngular Toolkit include advance photo uploader module that can help you easily integrate photo uploading functionality within your angular application.

  • Redux Listings in Angular Application

    jAngular Toolkit provides advance listing examples that can help you integrate complex redux compatible listings witin your angular application.

  • File Uploader

    jAngular Toolkit include portable file uploader module that can be used as standalone uploader or can be used with form component to add file attachment functionality in angular applications.

  • Croppie with Angular

    jAngular Toolkit include example that can help you integrate / use jQuery Croppie plugin in Angular 6+ application