Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. Gamification taps into the basic desires and needs of the users impulses which revolve around the idea of Status and Achievement.

JUGNOON Gamify Application for ASP.NET Web Form

We developed advance gamify solution (JUGNOON Gamify) with all basic and advance features for asp.net web form projects that can be easily integrated and used in your existing asp.net web form solutions.

PHP JUGNOON Gamify Solution for PHP Websites

We developed advance gamify solution (JUGNOON Gamify) with all basic and advance features for php projects that can be easily integrated and used in your existing php solutions.

ASP.NET MVC Video Uploading and Publishing Script.

JUGNOON Video Uploading & Publishing script for ASP.NET MVC allows asp.net developers to implement advance real time video uploading, publishing, cloud storage and saving video data in database just by integrating easy to use script in your ASP.NET MVC projects. it can allow you to upload, publish and manage unlimited number of videos at a time but videos to be published in sequential mode one by one to avoid overload on server.

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro

It's a utility component written in c# that works mainly as ffmpeg wrapper for direct and background processing of ffmpeg commands within .net applications including asp.net, mvc, win applications and more.

ASP.NET Media Sharing Script

ASP.NET Media Sharing script is a combination of four core sections built under ASP.NET Video Starter Kit which can help you to build professional, customizable, portable social media solution using asp.net, c# and vb.net as core platform.

Model Portfolio Booking System Overview

jAgency is a customized solution built from jMedia Kit (Enterprise Edition) is a fully customized, professionally written, advance agency model portfolio & booking solution. It includes all basic and advance features required for building full featured model portfolio and booking system.

MySQL Stored Procedures for MediaSoftPro Products.

We provide various web starter kit products including ASP.NET Video Starter Kit, ASP.NET vPhoto Kit, ASP.NET Video Portal and more. Each of these product include hundreds of basic and advance features to make it a complete portable, customizable and scalable solution.

Photo Uploader for ASP.NET vPhoto Kit

ASP.NET vPhoto Kit support professional facebook style photo uploader that can help you upload unlimited photos at once in real time while making your photo uploading procedure easy.

PHP Bootstrap Pagination

phpBootPagination is a utility script for implementing professional bootstrap compatible pagination in your php application by writing few lines of code.

Progressive MP4 Streaming in ASP.NET

After flash flv streaming mp4 streaming is much popular format now a days for streaming videos over the web.

Automatic Content Screening in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit

Term content screening used for a process to automatically match each word written by user in (comments, posts, and other areas) with words set by administrator as abusive. It matched, script automatically take action on it.

Secure Streaming Implementation in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit and ASP.NET YuClone Video Portal both allows you to upload, publish, manage and stream videos and audio files online. As video and audio streaming is the most important part of any video hosting, storing applications. In most cases you need to protect your streams to prevent unauthorized access, download of your videos to avoid

Setting MP4 Meta Information Using ASP.NET Media Handler Pro

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro uses mp4box to set meta information for mp4 videos once publishing or encoding completes. ASP.NET Media Handler Pro can be used to publish or encode any video format to .webm format on the fly in real time in order to play it on HTML5 compatible browsers and devices (ipad, iphone etc).

Media Handler Pro - 2 Pass Encoding

Today we just enhanced ASP.NET Media Handler Pro script to support 2 pass video encoding.

Two Pass MP4 Encoding via ASP.NET vUploader 8.0 Script

This post will provide additional uploader option specially designed for two pass video publishing implementation. Instead of single process, this uploader example uses single video encoding with two processes one after another in background.

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - Social Media & Content Sharing Application

The term "Video Starter Kit" refers to this application is due to the fact that it actually extended from video application developed in 2007 for targetting video application development for asp.net platform.

Video Uploading Without Publishing in ASP.NET Applications

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0 and ASP.NET Youtube Clone Script support optional video uploader in control pantl that can help site administrator to upload unlimited videos at once, capture screens from uploaded video using html5 video player screen grabber script, capture duration from each video, put title, description with each video, at the end save information of all videos in database.

ASP.NET vPhoto Kit Application

ASP.NET vPhoto Kit can help you build great photos hosting, sharing solution for your existing solution or as an standalong solution using asp.net web form or mvc projects.

vUploader Demo

Due to nature of video (large files) and other reasons, current we have no live demo for this product. But you can review both normal and two pass encoding process in video tutorial, how it works.