Photo Uploader for ASP.NET vPhoto Kit

 ASP.NET vPhoto Kit support professional facebook style photo uploader that can help you upload unlimited photos at once in real time while making your photo uploading procedure easy. ASP.NET Photo Uploader uses the following steps for uploading photos Photo Uploading Options Photo Uploader -> Select Photos Photo Uploader -> List Photos Photo Uploader -> Final Confirmation Photo Uploading Options This is the first step for upload photos in vphoto kit application. This step provide three options for uploading. Direct photo uploads Upload photos in existing album Create new album before photo uploading Photo Uploader -> Select Photos This is main photo uploading step which allow you to select photos you want to upload.<...

Automatic Content Screening in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit include almost all features that can keep your website secure from direct hacker attaches content abusing, spaming content word voilations Term content screening used for a process to automatically match each word written by user in (comments, posts, and other areas) with words set by administrator as abusive. It matched, script automatically take action on it. There are two types of actions supported by video starter kit Screen (this will highlight all matched words to site administrator at time when site administrator want to review any user posted content). It's good for contents which require manual appr...

Secure Streaming Implementation in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit and ASP.NET YuClone Video Portal both allows you to upload, publish, manage and stream videos and audio files online. As video and audio streaming is the most important part of any video hosting, storing applications. In most cases you need to protect your streams to prevent unauthorized access, download of your videos to avoid Unncessesary consuming your server bandwidth Sensitivity of your stream files Paid contents to avoid access and share with unauthorized users. and more. We provide various approaches to streaming protection and bandwidth throttling for videos and audio files in both

Media Handler Pro - 2 Pass Encoding

Today we just enhanced ASP.NET Media Handler Pro script to support 2 pass video encoding. Media Handler Pro supported version 5.9 or later. The following two commands (pass 1, pass 2) as shown below can be executed via media handler pro component $ ffmpeg -i input.avi -pass 1 -an output.mp4$ ffmpeg -i input.avi -pass 2 -ab 128k -y output.mp4 Example code to execute above command to publish mp4 video MediaHandler _mhandler = new MediaHandler(); string RootPath = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath(HttpContext.Current.Request.ApplicationPath).Replace("\\", "/"); _mhandler.FFMPEGPath = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("~\\

Two Pass MP4 Encoding via ASP.NET vUploader 8.0 Script

This post will provide additional uploader option specially designed for two pass video publishing implementation. Instead of single process, this uploader example uses single video encoding with two processes one after another in background. You can view demonstration via video Sample Code: Uploader uses normal encoding example for publishing mp4 video with pass 1 and pass 2, you can use your own ffmpeg commands. We strongly recommend to test your ffmpeg command directly before implementing in vUploader script in order to avoid failure in video publishing. You can set encoding settings throug 2pass/encode.ashx file privat...

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - Social Media & Content Sharing Application

The term "Video Starter Kit" refers to this application is due to the fact that it actually extended from video application developed in 2007 for targetting video application development for platform. However its now emerg as complete solution with more than 18 core sections and more than one thousand basic and advance features togather can be used as a full flege feature rich social media and content sharing website. Key core sections include Videos Audio Photos Albums (Videos, Audio, Photos) Q&A Groups Forums Blogs Channels Social Features (Friend Listing) Wiki / Glossary and more Each core feature can be act as single application or being part of complete solution. You can developed, generate lots of solutions from single one including Videos + Photos  Videos + Audio...

Video Uploading Without Publishing in ASP.NET Applications

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0 and ASP.NET Youtube Clone Script support optional video uploader in control pantl that can help site administrator to upload unlimited videos at once capture screens from uploaded video using html5 video player screen grabber script capture duration from each video put title, description with each video at the end save information of all videos in database. Video uploader script have the ability to group multiple format videos in a single batch e.g if you want to upload videos with names sample-1.mp4sample-1.webmsample-1.jpg Uploader will group these files and display as ...

ASP.NET vPhoto Kit Application

ASP.NET vPhoto Kit can help you build great photos hosting, sharing solution for your existing solution or as an standalong solution using web form or mvc projects. It can be easily extended to support any type of photos related need including integrate photos feature for real estate, classified, ecommerce, deal listing or any other related solutions. make beautiful photo sharing application wallpaper hosting solution integrate with blogs for great photo experience make professional photography solution make artist / bands / advance album managment and lots more References Home Page SDK Screen Shots  

vUploader Demo

Due to nature of video (large files) and other reasons, current we have no live demo for this product. But you can review both normal and two pass encoding process in video tutorial, how it works. Normal Preview: Two Pass Preview:

ASP.NET YuClone Script

ASP.NET Yuclone is a complete professional, light, portable, responsive, customizable video sharing script written in, c# and using latest web form and mvc technologies. It can be used as stand alone video hosting, sharing and streaming application or can be used in existing website with variety of ways including Integrating video solution with existing classified, ecommerce, deal listing and other social networking sites. Can act as complete video hosting solution Can act as third party video ( or others) management and sharing tool Can be used in any application that require any sort of video uploading, management and streaming. Technologies: Current version of video script uses the following web tools and technologies ...