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ASP.NET jMedia Configuration Guide

ASP.NET jMedia Kit includes 1000+ features, scripts, utilities and reusable components. To get proper benefit from all these features and effectively keep control on it, it provide comprehensive configuration section which provide more than 300 types of configurations. These configurations can help you customize the output, adjust settings on the fly without making changes internally within code

ASP.NET jMedia Installation Guide

ASP.NET jMedia Kit has been built using latest visual studio ide with mvc 5 template. Installation and usage of this product is almost similar to installation and deployment of any mvc 5 solution.

ASP.NET jMedia Technical Guide Section

This section will group all useful technical guides and articles for almost all features available in ASP.NET jMedia Kit.

ASP.NET Model Portfolio Booking System

ASP.NET Model Portfolio Booking System is a part of jAgency product for providing full featured solution for managing agency model / celebrity / girls portfolio and booking system. It is currently available in mvc platform.

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0 Configurations

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0 detail configurations, user guide and installation instruction.

Installation Guide of ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0

Installation is straightforward and required normal steps for running application.

ASP.NET vUploader Script 8.0

ASP.NET vUploader script is the most advance ajax video uploading and publishing script written using, c# and that allow user and site administrator to upload unlimited videos at once via ajax uploader.

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - Bandwidth Throttling

Bandwidth Throttling is the ability to restrict maximum allowable bandwidth to certain limit in order to avoid unnecessary consumming your server bandwidths by high speed networks that may attempt DOS attack.

Bootswatch Themes in MediaSoftPro Products

MediaSoftPro add support for bootswatch themes compatible with bootstrap in all products released 8.0 or later instead of building our own theme.

Media Handler Pro with FFMPEG

FFMPEG is a cross platform for handling and processing any type of multimedia data.

Progressive HTTP Streaming

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0 introduced advance http streaming engine that can stream mp4 videos progressively and securly over HTML5 and Flash players.

jAngular Form Builder and Validator

jAngular Form Builder and Validator is a small utility module written in angular js that can help you build any level of dynamic forms along with validations in just few minutes. It can help you build your angular js application faster.


Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. Gamification taps into the basic desires and needs of the users impulses which revolve around the idea of Status and Achievement.

JUGNOON Gamify Application for ASP.NET Web Form

We developed advance gamify solution (JUGNOON Gamify) with all basic and advance features for web form projects that can be easily integrated and used in your existing web form solutions.

PHP JUGNOON Gamify Solution for PHP Websites

We developed advance gamify solution (JUGNOON Gamify) with all basic and advance features for php projects that can be easily integrated and used in your existing php solutions.

ASP.NET MVC Video Uploading and Publishing Script.

JUGNOON Video Uploading & Publishing script for ASP.NET MVC allows developers to implement advance real time video uploading, publishing, cloud storage and saving video data in database just by integrating easy to use script in your ASP.NET MVC projects. it can allow you to upload, publish and manage unlimited number of videos at a time but videos to be published in sequential mode one by one to avoid overload on server.

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro

It's a utility component written in c# that works mainly as ffmpeg wrapper for direct and background processing of ffmpeg commands within .net applications including, mvc, win applications and more.

ASP.NET Media Sharing Script

ASP.NET Media Sharing script is a combination of four core sections built under ASP.NET Video Starter Kit which can help you to build professional, customizable, portable social media solution using, c# and as core platform.

Model Portfolio Booking System Overview

jAgency is a customized solution built from jMedia Kit (Enterprise Edition) is a fully customized, professionally written, advance agency model portfolio & booking solution. It includes all basic and advance features required for building full featured model portfolio and booking system.

MySQL Stored Procedures for MediaSoftPro Products.

We provide various web starter kit products including ASP.NET Video Starter Kit, ASP.NET vPhoto Kit, ASP.NET Video Portal and more. Each of these product include hundreds of basic and advance features to make it a complete portable, customizable and scalable solution.