ASP.NET Media Handler Pro

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro is a powerful ffmpeg wrapper and media encoding utility written in c#, which allow you to encode videos, grab thumbnails, post watermark, split & join videos, stream videos, generate slideshows on the fly within your and .net applications.

Free version have some feature restrictions and main purpose is to test with your environment and use it with basic functionality. 

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Advance Options

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro is a powerful .net media encoding component with sample examples that can help you publish videos and audio files while using FFMPEG in background.

This is trial version of component that have some feature restrictions. If you want to unlock all features including

  • Background video publishing
  • No restriction on file size and duration of video publishing
  • Implementing video uploaders to upload large videos in chunks
  • Implementing real time video transcoding / publishing while displaying publishing status via progress bar.
  • Implementing complex video processing
  • Extending ffmpeg processing on cloud
  • And more

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