Installation Guide

ASP.NET PhotoEngine written in ASP.NET Core 3.1 Framework. Please check official documentation for deployment and hosting of ASP.NET Core 3.1 Application.

ASP.NET PhotoEngine provide easy to use setup & application configuration wizard that can help you automate various deployment process including database configuration, setup admin user, initialize website data and provide complete control on configuring everything in few steps

Here is detail steps involve in launching ASP.NET PhotoEngine

i: Deployment & Hosting

Please refer detail official guide for deployment of ASP.NET Core application on various platforms and cloud services. official documentation for deployment and hosting

ii: Database Setup

First time, after deployment of application, the database setup wizard will trigger that will ask you to provide database connection credentials.

Once you provide credentials and submit, this will update configuration and restart you application.

After restarting, ASP.NET Core EntityFramework code trigger that database creation process based on your provided database credential. It will use predefined database entity models to setup & create database tables and other settings.

iii: Create Admin User

After restart when you browse your application / website again, this will start another process that involve few steps. These steps will guide you to setup admin user and other website configurations.

You can see steps in screenshots below

Create Admin User: You can use this credential later to login and access your control panel for further settings and future use.

General Settings: Next wizard will help you configure routine website settings and functionality e.g website title, description, email information, approval and screening settings and others as shown in screenshot.

Feature Settings: Next wizard will bring you features that can be toggle on | off e.g categories, labels etc

Authentication Settings: This wizard will provide third party authentication options e.g facebook, twitter, google etc.

Registration Settings: This will provide additional option required to customize your registeration experience and toggle on | off functionality e.g Rechapcha etc.

Rechapcha Settings: This wizard will provide option to configure Rechapcha authorization credentials that will be needed if Rechapcha is enabled via Registration Process

SMTP Settings: This will provide SMTP settings required for sending mails from application. There are various options available

Social Settings: This wizard will provide additional option to configure your social profile links to be appeared on website and other sharing tool settings

Contact Settings: This wizard will allow you to configure contact settings

AWS Settings: This wizard will allow you to enable AWS Cloud for storing and streaming media files. This product have built-in support for various AWS Services and Tools


Final Message: At the end, final message wizard will popup that will display completion message.

After completion of wizard process, restart and run application again, this time it will run as normal website will all settings you configured applied.

Note: For Security reasons, remove or comment installation pages

Note: This process may target main configurations, for detail configurations and other adjustments, please login to control panel and browse control panel->settings section.

Still if you have any query or question regarding installation process, please use product support section and query