This section provide complete documentation of vuploader user control including features, methods, properties and other option detail.


There are three types of settings in vuploader user control.

  • Video Uploader User Control Module Settings
  • Path Settings
  • Encoding Settings
  • Cloud Storage Settings

Module Settings

Module settings will allow you to set various encoding option at module level (From page where module is embedded on it). List of all module settings available in vuploader user control below.

Property Type Default Description
Type int 0 Set media type as video or audio for processing. 0: video, 1: audio file
VideoExtensions string --- List of allowable video formats separated by comma.
AudioExtensions string --- List of allowable video and audiofile extensions separated by comma.
MaxVideoSize int 50 Maximum allowable video size in MB.
MaxAudioSize int 50 Maximum allowable video size in MB.
EnableCloudStorage bool false Enable / Disable Cloud Storage for Media Files.
SuccessMessage string --- Display message after video uploading and processing stage completed.

Path Settings

Path settings needed to upload media files properly in correct destination section, publish it properly and store it in proper location.

Property Type Default Description
FFMPEGPATH string --- Complete path of /ffmpeg.exe
FLVTOOLPATH string --- Complete path of /flvtool2.exe
MP4BoxPath string --- Complete path of /mp4box.exe
MP4_Preset_Path string --- Complete path of libx264 preset file for encoding mp4 videos.
WEBM_Preset_Path string --- Complete path of libvpx preset file for encoding webm video
SourceDirectory string --- Directory path where original videos and audio files store.
PublishedDirectory string --- Directory path where published videos and audio files will store after encoding.
ThumbsDirectory string --- Directory path where video thumbs will store.

Cloud Storage Settings

If you enabled cloude storage for storing videos, audio files and photos on cloud (e.g amazon s3) then you must setup settings mentioned below.

Property Type Default Description
AccessKeyID string --- Amazon Access Key ID required for verification or authentication.
SecreteKey string --- Amazon Secrete Key required for verification or authentication.
MakePublic string true add a x-amz-acl header with the value of public-read to make the uploaded file public
StorageClass int 0 0: Default: STANDARD , 1: REDUCED_REDUNDANCY
Streaming_Domain_Name string --- Cloudfront streaming bucket url. e.g rtmp://, just needed to stream videos from amazon cloud via amazon cloud front.
VideoBucketName string --- Amazon Bucket Name for storing videos and audio files.
OriginalVideoBucketName string --- Amazon Bucket Name for storing original videos if required. (optional)
ThumbsBucketName string --- Amazon Bucket Name for storing video thumbs

MP4 Video Encoding

VUploader uses the following steps for encoding mp4 videos and setting meta information in order to properly stream on the web.

  • publish mp4 video as temp video via media handler pro component
  • set meta information to temp mp4 video, generate final mp4 video via mp4box utility and remove temp mp4 video.
  • resulted mp4 video will be fully compatible for web streaming.


VUploader user control uses the following tools and open source utility for uploading, publishing and managing videos and audio files in applications

  • media handler pro component for publishing videos
  • plupload ajax uploader
  • flvtool utility for setting meta information to flash flv videos if required.
  • mp4box utility for setting meta information to mp4 videos if required.