ASP.NET jMedia provide various options for handling video uploads and processing within application.

List of supported uploading types include

  • AWS Uploader
  • FFMPEG Uploader
  • Youtube Uploader
  • Direct Uploader

AWS Uploader

If enabled, system will use AWS Platform as core video uploading & processing platform. User uploaded videos directly save in AWS and process it. for more detail how it works click on AWS Video Processing Architecture

Advantage of this process, it is the best solution for handling heavy, resource intense publishing process on cloud that normally effect server performance when doing media processing locally.

FFMPEG Uploader

IF enabled, after uploading videos, system will use FFMPEG to publish and process videos locally on server.

You can still enable AWS to save, manage and streaming publishing media content from cloud.

Youtube Uploader

It can allow users to fetch videos from youtube via Youtube SDK. In this way your application can host and manage only youtube videos.

Direct Uploader

It can allow users to upload published mp4 videos directly without processing. You can still use AWS for saving and streaming uploaded videos.

Configuring Uploader

Uploader can be configured from Control Panel -> Settings -> Configurations -> Media Section