ASP.NET jMedia provide support for managing and processing email for almost all core events happening within it.

Email processing includes sending email when

  • User create account
  • Forgot password
  • Change Email
  • Upload data, report or disable data
  • and hundreds of more.

Some emails can be send to user based on user interaction. Some email can be sent to admin as notification if someone add new contents.

By default email process is disabled. you have to enable & configure it.

Enable Email Processing:

You can enable email from control panel -> settings -> configurations -> features -> check enable email option and submit save changes button.

Email Engine Support:

List of the following email engines supported by default. You can use your own email smpt provider based on your available options.

  • Mandrill
  • AWS SES (Simple Email Service)
  • ASP.NET Default SMTP Configuration.

By default ASP.NET Default SMTP configuration to be used by system.

Enable Mandrill:

You can enable mandrill email process from web.config section.

<add key="Enable_Mandrill" value="false" /> <!-- true / false-->
<add key="Mandril_Key" value="" /> <!-- valid mandrill key -->

Enable AWS SES:

You can enable amazon simple email service from web.config too.

 <add key="Enable_SES" value="true" /><!-- true / false-->
<add key="SES_Host" value="{SES_HOST}" />
<add key ="SES_Username" value="{SES_SMTP_USERNAME}" />
<add key="SES_Password" value="{SES_SMTP_PASS}"/>

Default SMTP Settings:

You can also set default smtp configuration used by smtp module via web.config file

<smtp from="">
<network host="smtp_mail_host" userName="" port="25" password="***" />
<httpWebRequest useUnsafeHeaderParsing="true" />

Custom Configurations:

Incase you need any other custom email configuration or using any other email processing provider like "mailgun" or others. you can directly manipulate email processing business layer class located at

models / utility / EmailBLL.cs

Here you will notice two functions


You have to adjust your own mail settings in these two functions.