ASP.NET jMedia have built-in support for utilizing AWS Webservices for storing, transcoding and streaming media files.

List of AWS Webservices used in ASP.NET jMedia includes

  • S3 for storing media (videos, audio, photos) files.
  • Cloud Front as content deliver network for secure streaming private media files and public media files.
  • Lambda for initiating Video Transcoding via Elastic Transcoder automatically for publishing origina video into web streaming formats e.g MP4, HLS, MPEG Dash format. Also some Lambda functions can be used to automate thumbnail capture process for uploaded photos.
  • Elastic Transcoder used for publishing / transcoding media files.
  • SNS to exchange notifications with website.
  • SES optionally used for sending emails.

Getting Started

AWS Webservices is not enabled by default in ASP.NET jMedia. You have to enable and provide all required information in order to allow ASP.NET jMedia to access your aws webservice account and use it.

You can enable it from ASP.NET jMedia control panel

Steps to follow

    i: option control panel
    ii: go to settings -> configurations
    iii: click on cloud link.
    iv: cloud settings will render on page.

List of cloud settings include

  • Enable Media Storage: This option will enable aws cloud services for videos and audio files.
  • Enable Photo Storage: This option will enable aws services for photos
  • Access Key: Required for authorization purpose.
  • Secrete Key: Required for authorizatio purpose
  • Region: Provide aws cloud region that you willing to use.
  • Bucket Name: These fields provide bucket that will be used for saving videos, audio and photos
  • Folder Paths: These fields provide path within bucket to managing videos, audio and photos in different directories. e.g videos/ for saving videos.
  • CloudFront Urls: These fields setup url that will be used to access files via Cloud Front CDN.
  • CloudFront Credentials: These fields used to setup additional credentials that will be used for creating Signed urls for secure streaming.

ASP.NET jMedia uses AWS SDK for accessing aws cloud webservices.