Currently jTree script available for core php as plugin, that can be extended to add support with any php frameworks.

There are four tables associated with jTree script.

  • i: Charts
  • ii: Chart Nodes
  • iii: Chart Connects
  • iv: Tree Relashionships

i: Charts

Charts table save basic information including

  • Title of chart
  • Author information including userid and usename
  • Chart privacy mode, whether chart will be private or public.
  • Date Created
  • Other settings information.

ii: Nodes

Nodes table save each node, connection information representing each chart member. Information saved in this table includes

  • Member biodata and complete profile
  • Member settings

iii: Connects

Connects table save all connection information between two nodes. Main information includes

  • Saving connection information (technically used by jTree script internally for rendering the tree)

iv: Tree Relashionships

This table used relationship information between two connects. e.g XYZ is Mother of ABC. Main information save in this table includes

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