ASP.NET jMedia include advance abuse or spam reporting modules that can help prevent website from mass spamming or contents that violates website terms or service.

This module allow users to send report on any type of content uploaded by user.

There are two types contents and actions.

  • Direct spam link to allow user to click and report immediately. Mostly available with comments
  • Proper reporting module with options to choose abuse reason and write some detail about it. Mostly available with proper uploaded contents like videos, blogs etc

Reporting Module Functionality

Although abuse reporting module functionality mostly depends on website own policies and features. ASP.NET jMedia uses the following technical apporach to process abuse reports.

  • Single user can post report only once.
  • If reports exceeds from set value e.g 10 from different users on any specific content. That content will be blocked automatically until reviewer review and renabled it.
  • There is a special area in admin control panel that handles reports.
  • Site administrator or moderator with access to that area can review user reports and take action on it.
  • Action includes, re-activate the content with reason to user, delete the content, resolve the issue.