ASP.NET jMedia support marking any photo as Wallpaper to keep it organized in special areas in website.

Normally photos are uploaded within albums, and in most cases all albums photos are similar in nature.

If you want to keep attractive highly resolution photos in a special wallpaper sections on existing pages or make separate wallpaper page to handle all wallpapers, that can make good impression on website.

Only site administrator or moderator can mark any photo as Wallpaper

You can load photos marked as wallpaper via Listing SDK

Example code for loading Featured Wallpapers

@Html.Partial(PhotoViewPath, new Jugnoon.models.PhotoListViewModel()
    BrowseText = "Browse All",
    BrowseUrl = "wallpapers/",
    HeadingTitle = "Featured Wallpapers",
    ListObject = new Jugnoon.Scripts.ListItems()
        TitleLength = 30,
        showRating = false
    QueryOptions = new AlbumEntity()
        order = "p.added_date desc",
        isfeatured = 1, // 0: normal, 1: featured
        iswall = 1, // 0: normal, 1: wallpaper, 2: all
        ispublic = true,
        iscache = true,
        pagesize = 10,