Note: Please use the following link to get detail for complete dashboard application used within ASP.NET jMedia

jDashboard - Complete Control Panel


In previous versions of ASP.NET jMedia, dashboard application developed using core server side scripting, that causes tremendeous amount of effort to write and test whole dashboard code.

Recently we replaced complete dashboard application in a single app solution utilizing Angular JS framework. Click here for demo.

Writing complete dashboard from classic system to angular application add the following benefits

  • Several times lighter and faster
  • Decreased almost 80% of code.
  • Make it portable and easy to customize for other languages & frameworks.
  • Provide oppertunity to extend dashboard functionality and UI several times more advance that was not possible before.
  • Easy to maing api, code.
  • Make code easier to debug and extend.

This apps make lots of improvements but on the other hand add complexity.

Recently we re-designed the whole dashboard application in latest Angular Framework with Redux state architecture. Using latest angular framework makes the code standard easier to understand and customize and make complex things more easier that was even challenging in previous Angular JS Framework.


There are more than 500+ features in dashboard application. This dashboard is part of all products released recently. Some features may depend on product own functionality.

This document only focus on shared features that are common in almost all products including ASP.NET jMedia

Dashboard Settings Management

List of core settings management includes

  • Categories Management
  • Tags Management
  • Configurations Management
  • Gamify Management
  • Advertisement Management
  • Block IP Management
  • Dictionary Management
  • Language Management
  • Log Management
  • Mail Templates Management
  • Roles Management
  • Abuse Reporting Management
  • Packages Management

Core Management

Core management mostly depend on products own fucntionality. Here is list of common core managements available

  • User Management
  • Blogs Management
  • Wiki Management

Specific Products Managements

List of few managements specific to product functionality. e.g

  • Videos Managment
  • Artists Management
  • Photos Management
  • Polls Management
  • Products Management
  • Classified Listing Management
  • RealEsate Management
  • and more