Feature Detail

ASP.NET jMedia support membership subscription & accessing paid content via different ways.

There are two core methods available in ASP.NET jMedia for website to enable.

  • Credit Based Payment
  • Monthly Subscription

Credit Based

If this option enabled. The site will enable credit based payment system for accessing premium contents. It includes

  • When user signup, it will be redirected to packages page to select & buy package.
  • Only credit based packages will be loaded. with options like, get 1000 credits on $9
  • When user select package and buy. User account credits will be updated and order history will populate with transaction detail. By default, Paypal gateway integrated, you can replace it with Strip or others easily.
  • User can then utilize credits to access premium content. e.g 5 credits required to access XYZ Movie.
  • When user access content, credits will be deducted and user will grant access to this media indefinetly time period.
  • If user try to access content with insufficient credit, he will be redirect to purchase package section.

Monthly Subscription

If enabled this option, site will perform like this.

  • When user signup, it will be redirected to packages page to select & buy package.
  • Once monthly subscription related packages will be loaded. e.g buy 1 Month Access for $9
  • When user buy this package. Buying process is almos same as credit based system. User account will be upgraded to premium for 1 month.
  • Once account is upgrade he / she can now access any premium content for 1 month.
  • After one month, if not renewed or renewal subscription is not valid. User will be downgraded back to free user.

Packages Management

Packages for both credit and monthly subscription manage under Control Panel -> Settings -> Packages Management section.


As payment process varies on website feature requirements, we added basic payment process but it can varies. In most cases either credit based or monthly subscription used as core payment process but in some cases it extend it further e.g amount to be paid to author of content with comission deduction. need proper withdrawal process, in some case need pay per view or bookings to live events.

We can provide any level of assistance including customization of payment process & subscriptions if required.