Content submission to Google and Bing search engines on time is the most important aspect to boost up your website content exposure on search listings and increase visitors.

By default every search engine have their own robots to crawl website based on their own logics and algorithms. They may or may not find your content, or recently added contents.

In order to make search robots reach your contents fastly, you have to submit your content sitemap feeds.

Based on your sitemap feeds and level of activies, every search engine setup crawling and priority speed.

ASP.NET jMedia support creating dynamically generated sitemaps for every type of dynamic contents e.g (videos, photos, albums, articles, products, forum topics etc)

Sitemap Feed Link Structure

List of feed link structure, it depends on product features too.

There is SitemapsController.cs file that handles sitemaps for almost every type of content. List of some example url patterns

  • /sitemaps/blogs?rt=(0|1) to return list of generated article links in google or bing compliant sitemap.
  • /sitemaps/categories?rt=(0|1)&type={type of category) to return list of generated category links. type represent content type e.g video have type = 0, photos have 5 etc.
  • /sitemaps/forums?rt=(0|1) generate forums link sitemap
  • /sitemaps/forumtopics?rt=(0|1) generate forum topics link sitemap
  • /sitemaps/photos?rt(0|1) generate photos sitemap
  • and so on.

Note: Google & Bing both support maximum of 50,000 Entries in each sitemap. You have to take care of this and create paginaton if your contents exceeds 50k links.

e.g if your photos exceeds 50k, then extend sitemap to support

  • /sitemaps/photos?rt(0|1)&page=1

Sitemap Submittion

You have to subscribe each link (patterns mentioned above) to Google or Bing webmaster tool