ASP.NET jMedia have built-in include advance object based roles & permission module within dashboard application.


Object based roles & permission include two areas

  • i: Objects
  • ii: Roles


Object represent single unit that can be a page or section or button. List of example object includes

  • BlogsFullAccess: provide complete access to blogs section.
  • BlogsReadOnlyAccess
  • provide readonly access to blogs section
  • And more.

You can add more objects e.g you want to keep separate object for handling delete blog posts e.g

  • BlogDeleteAccess: provide delete access within blogs.

Note: You have to write custom action to handle this object with assigned user roles to make sure currently logged in user have the right to delete blog post by checking this object key.


Roles are create by Super Admin and assign object permissions. Some example role includes

  • Super Admin
  • Admin
  • User
  • Guest

Site administrator can create unlimited roles including custom roles and assign special permissions to him / her.

This roles & object model have flexibility to handle any level of user permissions and authorizations.