Managing contents specially when it comes in hundreds of thousands of records is very difficult to handle or organize it properly. Categorizing the content make things easier to group into useful units but it still target large scope and not efficient if you contents grows.

Tags or labeling content extends normal categorizing approach by allowing users to make sub categories or groups based on contents he / she uploaded.

This helps site maintain useful tags generated automatically and organize contents within it.

Simple example is

  • If there are 1000 autos & sports pictures. Listing all at once make page conjusted.
  • It make more useful to organize autos & sports in different categories.
  • It make far more useful if organize auto cars further into custom labels e.g 2018 cars, exotic cars, sport cars and so on. Labeling or organizing contents in useful tags not only make users easily access your content but also make search engine easily index your pages and contents.

Tag Clouds or Labeling Contents are most important factor to boost your website performance, exposure in search results if properly maintained.


ASP.NET jMedia have built-in support for making labels or tags and manage tags in effective way. List of core feature includes

  • User can add one or more tags with any type of content uploaded
  • These tags will be part of this content by default and also posted as suggested tags to moderator for review if these tags not already part of solution.
  • If moderator activate tags, it will be part of global system and will be listed in public sections of website like categories.
  • Tags can be classified into multiple sections e.g High Priority, Medium Priority, Low Priority.
  • You can display high priority tags on home page or important parts and others where you want to list.
  • Site can also generate special page to list and find all global tags in a single page for specific contents e.g videos have own tag clouds, photos have own. etc
  • Search ability also available to search tags if there are hundreds of tags created and part of global system.

Tag Types

There are two types of tags created in the system.

  • Tags created with user posted contents.
  • Tags created with searching contents.

Tags created with searching may also appear to user like Recent Searches section or other sections.