Category Management is the most common feature of almost every type of web application & websites. It can help you group or organize large unstructured contents into useful hierarchy of categories to make contents easily accessible or expose to search engines easily to index it properly.


ASP.NET jMedia from first version have built-in support for this feature. There are two parts of category management in ASP.NET jMedia

  • i: Manage Categories in Dashboard Application
  • ii: Manage Categories & its Contents.

Manage Categories in Dashboard Application

ASP.NET jMedia have advance control panel written in Angular Framework with 500+ features including Category Management

You can use dashboard application to manage categories. List of core feature includes

  • Create unlimited categories and sub categories.
  • Support n-tier parent child categories.
  • Support managing categories separately for different types of contents. e.g you can create separate categories for photos, videos, blogs, forums etc.
  • Attach photo as cover with each category item.
  • Complete management of categories including, search, delete, edit etc.

Manage Categories & its Contents

This part actually handle categories in public application and manage contents within it.

Based on application, categories can be shown in navigations and special detail listings.

Every type of content have their own categories and content management.