Sending emails is the most important part for any application to stay connected with website users and inform site moderators and administrators when certain events happen within website.

For customizing email text & content is not easier task.

ASP.NET jMedia support advance mail processing template engine that can help site administrator to manage contents & text of every email that will be sent & receive within application.


ASP.NET jMedia support the following core functionality for customizing mail templates.

  • Manage email templates via Control Panel under settings -> mail template management.
  • Can create unlimited mail templates within unique keys
  • Can bind template with actual email by mapping with unique key.


E.g you created a template with text

   // subject
   Order Confirmed - {ORDERID}
   // contents 
   Dear {NAME},
   Your order "{ORDERID}" for product "{PRODUCTTITLE}" is successfully completed and shipped.
   Thanks & Regards

Let's support this template key you set is "ORDERCONFIRM"

Example code for binding this tempalte with email script within solution.

  var template = MailTemplateBLL.Get_Record("ORDERCONFIRM");
  if (template.Count > 0)
      var subject = MailProcess.Process2(template[0].subject, "{ORDERID}", 342); // 342 may be order id
      var contents = MailProcess.Process2(template[0].contents, "{NAME}", "Shane Watson");
      contents = MailProcess.Process2(contents, "{ORDERID}", 342);
      contents = MailProcess.Process2(contents, "{PRODUCTTITLE}", "Sample Product");
      // send mail
      MailProcess.Send_Mail(emailaddress, subject, contents);