Screening contents posted by users is the most difficult task for every website even when it comes hundreds of records daily to be reviewed by moderators.

In order to speedup review contents faster with minimum manual effort, you have to write script to automate the content screening process.

ASP.NET jMedia include advance script that can screen content of every user at time of posting and take action if it finds any violation.


List of features available in ASP.NET jMedia for content screening.

  • When user posted content, content screening script automatically initiated and review content.
  • Content screening script match user data with list of keywords set by site administrator via Dictionary Management
  • If it matched any word with voilated words, it will mark this word either Highlight it or Encrypt it based on settings.
  • At time when moderator will review this record, it will show highlight or encypted works.
  • This will make the process much easier for administrators and moderators to review contents quickly and prevent website from data that may be against terms of use and may create problems with third party services.

e.g we may notice that sometimes if you use Google Adsense and you will receive message that we temporary blocked ads on your website due to policy violations.

It sometimes caused by user posted data that you may not aware from.

In order to avoid such issues and you want your website fully comply with terms of use it provide, you have to effectively use content screening properly.

There are two types of content screeing actions.

i: Highlight It

In this case script highlight words that are matched with violated keywords. It is good if content not directly shown to public but must be reviewed first by moderator. This helps moderator to quickly review highlighted words and take action

ii: Encrypt It

In this case script automatcially encrypt word e.g book with b**k if it found violation.