ASP.NET jMedia include advance video module that can allow website to fetch youtube videos via Youtube SDK and manage it in similar way as other videos.

There are two ways this module can be used within ASP.NET jMedia

  • i: Via Control Panel
  • ii: Via Normal Uploader

Youtube Module via Control Panel

Control panel allow special Youtube Videos management section that can have the following functionality for fetching youtube videos.

It uses different queries supported by Youtube SDK for fetching videos including

  • Fetch videos via author name.
  • Fetch specific channel videos.
  • Fetch videos with specific keywords
  • Fetch videos from specific category
  • Fetch videos using various date and other supported filters.

Once videos fetched, it will be part of solution, but need to review videos first and approve it before it will be part of public website.

Normal Uploader

Youtube module also used in normal public website part as an Embed option.

It can help user to enter Youtube URL or Youtube ID and click Fetch Video button.

Once clicked, if record valid it will fetch video information and display it to user. User can then update title, description and other information and submit the video

Submitted video will then be available to moderator for review or will be visible to public if allowed.

Setting Youtube SDK

Before using this feature, make sure you have youtube sdk api key. It can be get from Google Developer Console

You need to enter that key into Control Panel->Settings->Configurations->Youtube API Section.