ASP.NET jMedia include professionally written, easy to customize, portal pagination module that can be used with any type of listings.

There are two parts of pagination module.

  • Pagination Component (User Control)
  • Pagination Logic

Pagination Component

Tis is a portal component that can be used with any type of listing to render pagination based on data passed to it.

Sample use of pagination component.

  if (TotalRecords > Model.QueryOptions.pagesize)
      var _paginationEntity = new Jugnoon.models.PaginationViewModel()
          pagenumber = Model.QueryOptions.pagenumber,
          TotalRecords = TotalRecords,
          PageSize = Model.QueryOptions.pagesize,
          Default_Url = Model.DefaultUrl,
          Pagination_Url = Model.PaginationUrl
      @Html.Partial("~/Views/partials/list/_Pagination.cshtml", _paginationEntity)

Pagination component require PaginationViewModel model entity to pass data. Important attributes include

  • pagenumber: represent current page of listing, by default = 1
  • TotalRecords: represent total number of records this listing may have e.g 3000 records.
  • PageSize: represent current listing page size.
  • Default_Url: set default url for pagination. To be used on first page link
  • Pagination_url: set pagination url e.g /page/[p] where [p] to be replace with dynamically set page number.

Pagination Logic

This is part of backend pagination component that actually generate array of pagination links. There are two logics currently supported

  • Simple Logic: this will generae normal sequencial pagination links
  • Advance Logic: this will generae links in a way that will cover almost all paginations whether there are thousands of pagination links in few steps. This will allow user & search engines to access almost every page in few steps

Settings Pagination

You can set maximum number of links to be displayed via Control Panel->Settings->Configurations->Generate Configurations section.

e.g if you set maximum links to 100, pagination script will not allow to render more links than 100 even if it include 50,000 links