ASP.NET jMedia support complex gamify module that can help websites to increase social interaction & fun by enabling gamification functionailty.

List of core gamification components include

  • Badges: Allow website to award badges base on certain level of achivements.
  • Rewards: Allow website to unlock rewards with benefits on certain achievements.
  • Levels: Allow website to increase user level when complete certain level of scores.
  • Points: Allow website to award points on any action comes under gamificaiton control. e.g activating account add 10 points etc. Points can be used to unlock levels and award badges.
  • Credits: Allow website to award credits on any action. Credits can be used to unlock rewards.
  • Packages: Optionsal packages to allow user to buy credits like games.

Gamification module is a portable & complex solution with lots of internal features. It is also part of separate product.

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