Advance Video Uploader With Progress Bar in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0

08 July 2012

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0 introduced advance video uploader which is more faster, lighter, reliable and have ability to process multiple videos at once. 

The following core features available in new video uploader.


  • Completely rewritten from scratch to upload and publish videos more fastly and reliably.
  • Use newly written professional video processing, thumb grabbing and information parsing script with ability to support multi format (mp4, wmv, flv, webm, ogv, mp3 etc), multi level (360p, 480p etc) publishing at once from single video. more detail
  • Support storing videos locally or on cloud storage. Builtin support for amazone s3.
  • Support streaming videos directly from cloud, builtin support for amazon cloudfront streaming (adobe flash streaming server supported)
  • Support ability to grab multiple thumbs from single video.
  • Support upading information of multiple uploaded video in facebook, youtube style.
  • Support creating albums and upload videos in newly created album or existing album.
  • Support uploading videos to groups directly.
  • Generate professional video uploading facebook style activity post. display in user public profile.
  • and lots of more features.

Youtube Video Preview.

ASP.NET Video Uploader User Control.

28 April 2010

ASP.NET Video Uploader Control (.ascx file) include complex script that can handle video uploading, publishing to flash flv format, grabing single or multiple thumbs, set meta data for flash flv video, output validation and retrieve useful information from video in one step just by dragging control on page by allowing developer to avoid writing lots of code.

Visit Official Page of Video Uploader Control. for more detail, demo and example codes.

Main features in ASP.NET Video Uploader Control includes,

  • Video Uploading
  • Video publishing using .NET Media Handler Pro component.
  • Set Meta Information for flash flv video.
  • Grab single or multiple thumbs.
  • Post watermark on output video. (optional)
  • Validation of source and output video.
  • Create audio mp3 file (optional).
  • and more.


ASP.NET Video Uploader Control support both c# and

Sample Code for using ASP.NET Video Uploader Control:
Just grab upload.ascx file on page where you want video uploading functionality.
In codebehind file set upload.ascx main properties as mentioned below.

// folder path where source video will store after uploading. 
upload1.OriginalPath = RootPath + "\\\\contents\\\\original";// folder path where flash flv video will store after publishing
upload1.FLVPath = RootPath + "\\\\contents\\\\flv"; // folder path where video thumbs will store.
upload1.ThumbPath = RootPath + "\\\\contents\\\\thumbs"; // watermark image path if required. (optional)
upload1.WatermarkPath = RootPath + "\\\\contents\\\\watermark"; upload1.WatermarkImage ="watermark.gif"; // allowed source video formats.
upload1.VideoAllowableExtensions = "mp4,avi,wmv,flv,mpg,mpeg,mov"; // max video size in MB. upload1.MaxVideoSize = 10; // grab single or multiple thumbs from video.
upload1.isMultipleThumbs = true; // 15 thumbs will be grabbed.

You can customize uploader component by adding more fields and store retrieved information in media tables for later processing.
This control is available with the following packages available for purchase on


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