MediaSoftPro Site Extended

02 August 2014

Today we released, newly extended version of our official website with new design and features.

List of changes done in our website

  • Replace design with latest twitter bootstrap 3.0 responsive design.
  • Implement latest own build video starter kit 8.0 features to extended, clean, fast and make more professional looks for various available features.
  • Introducing two new core sections for adding more ease to our customer for accessing various resources within our website.

Site Design Improvements:

We upgrade website design with bootstrap 3.2 compatible responsive them along with all other adjustments including

  • Link structure improvments
  • Adding social connectivity via our facebook, twitter, google plus and linkdin social accounts.
  • Improved articles, product documentation listing to be easily reachable to customers.

Integration of ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0 Features:

We have upgraded all core sections including forums, blogs and Q&A with latest version of video starter kit to make our support system more improved, user friendly, fastly accessible and more user readeable.

Introducing new Core Sections:

We have introduced two new core sections in our new site.

I: Photos (Screenshots Demonstration Section)

II: Glossary (Wiki Posts or centralize our article resources in a professional way)

Introduction of these two section will help us to write more useful articles and make it reachable to users easily from centralize location rather than mixed up in various areas.

I: Photos:

Photos or screenshot section will help us to upload screenshots of various features available in our products. Some products are small and writing documentation and feature list are easy but some products like ASP.NET Video Starter Kit have more than one thousand features along with 20 core sections. Its impossible for us to write documentation for all one thousand features with detail in  a single compact area and provide a demo of every feature. Even we provide live demo for this product but it takes a complete day to browse and review all features available in a product. For us problems extended with the release of new version of product which cause us to upgrade our documentation of every feature. In such upgrade actions we mostly lose our precious search indexing.

Due to these difficulties in mind, we added newly screenshot section where we will post newly added feature screenshots along with all detail, reference codes, availability ot feature in version of selected products and more. This help us to clean our core documentation, product detail page with list of all features updated time to time and also helps customers to easily review all features along with technical and general feature detail.

II: Glossary or Wiki

This section will help us to organize all our core articles which we privously written in html format in a single unit. In past we wrote all articles in html format, which are very difficult for us to make it centralize, upgrade of article contents, upgrade these article pages with the release of new website look and feel and link structure. Small change in link structure causes severe impact on our search indexing.

These issues in mind, we introducts new glossary or wiki post section in our website. Here we will wrote all useful articles, notes, share examples and codes, technical overviews of features available in our products and more in future.

We appreciate your recommendations.