Single Page Dashboard System for Mediasoftpro Products

We replaced traditional dashboard system with angular js powered single page, real time dashboard system for all our products released after 12.0 version.

Although it makes customization of dashboard functionality little bit difficult if you have no working experience in angular js but it increase performance upto 20 times more than previous version and decreases upto 70% of code.

Not only it decreases the code but also provided ability to add features that were not possible utilizing traditional systems.

Here is preview of our new dashboard system.

We appreciate your feedback for making the system more improved and more useful in the future.

jMedia 12.1 Released

Today we release enhanced version of jMedia Kit 12.1. 

What's New

jMedia Kit 12.1 includes the following new enhancements.

Celebrity profiling extended. Now support dynamic attribute management module. This module helps site administrator to manage unlimited attributes for celebrity or model profiles Now celebrity profile can support 4 different types of profile image resizing and cropping Support attachment of unlimited images with celebrity profiles. Support association of media files (media albums) with celebrity profiles. Improved cropping logic And hundreds of more improvements and feature enhancements.



jAgency Model Portfolio & Booking System 1.0 Released

Today we release customized solution jAgency Model Portfolio & Booking System 1.0 . It is currently available in ASP.NET MVC and soon will be available for ASP.NET Core & Laravel.

jAgency is a fully customizable, full featured, professionally written, cloud ready model agency portpolio solution that can help you manage unlimited model profiles, unlimited media albums, manage profile attributes, manage blogs, enable cloud for saving media files and doing customization in hundreds of ways.

Fore more detail about this product please visit product official page.


jMedia 12 Released

Today we released jMedia Kit 12 (Advance social media and content sharing script) targeting ASP.NET Platform. Will be available for ASP.NET Core / PHP Laravel and Meanstack Soon.

jMedia Kit 12 is the most advance and stable version compared to previously released versions. It consists of more than 10 core sections with hundreds of features togather will help you build advance social media solution that normally take years to build.

List of core components include.

Albums (Videos, Photos, Audio) Videos Photos Audio Groups Forums Q&A (Knowledgebase) Blogs Wiki Polls Social Profiles (User / Celebrity / Services) And more

It act as a framework for extending / customizing any existing component or combine two or more components for building any other solution quickly (within few days that normally take months to build)

ASP.NET Video Portal (MVC) 11.0.1 Released

Today we released our most advanced and improved social media and content sharing (ASP.NET Video Portal) with hundreds of improvements, enhancements and additions of new features. It has been written in pure mvc 5 (c#) with entity framework 6. [b]What's New in ASP.NET Video Portal 11:[/b] Core main improvements in video portal 11 includes

Poll has been added as core new part of solution that extends the existing supported sections (Videos, Audio, Albums, Photos, Groups, QA, Audio, Wiki etc). 100% pure MVC Built with introduction of Entity Framewok 6 as ORM / Data Access Layer Improved video publishing module Well architect Model View Controller architecture f...

ASP.NET MVC Enterprise Social Media Product Name Updated

Today we set unique name to our [url=]enterprise social media and content sharing solution[/url] called as "jMedia" where character 'J' represent our product code name "JUGNOON".

Previously it was called with broad term that create problem for us and for our customers while inquiring about this product. Now [url=]jMedia[/url] currently available in ASP.NET MVC , C# and VB.NET Version with database compatibility with both MS SQL 2008 or later and MySQL

We are planning to release [url=]jMedia[/url] solution in PHP Laravel.

We also added separate section in our Forum section for discussion of jMedia core solution and all child products come under its scope.

We appreciate feedback for making our product more useful.

Improved Video and Audio Publishing Script in Video Sharing Script.

Uploading and encoding videos and audio files from almost every video and audio format, generate highest possible quality output and make it streamable for the web is one of the most complex in web development effort. From first release 2007 we contineously working hard in highest priority on this areas and contineously improving our script to make this process fast, reliable, scalable and provide best possible results.

Until current release of video starter kit 7.1, we face tremendeous amount of challenges including.

Introducing new video formats and streaming concepts time to time starting journey from flash flv encoding and streaming now extended to diverse mp4, webm, m3u8 and other streaming formats with diverse approaches.  Popularity of mobiles devices add more challenges for adopting...

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.1 Has Been Released!

Today we released more stable and improved version of video starter kit 7.1 which is a core product of all sub products (videos, audio, photos, forums, blogs, qa, groups etc).

In this release we mainly focussed on stabilizing all advance features added in version 7.0 and make it more lighter and scalable. List of main improvements done in version 7.1

Improved video and audio publishing logic to make it more stable, reliable and fix bugs found in previous version. Upgrade twitter bootstrap with latest version. Fix browse issues found while implementing twitter bootstrap. Facebook wallpaper style user profile with ability for users to post on their own walls (internal contents and external link share like facebook). Can be easily extended to allow friends to post on your wall or ...

ASP.NET Youtube Clone Free Version Released

We just released free version of video sharing & youtube clone script today under open source LGPL license.

It is a complete script with all basic and advance features which allow you to created highly profitable social media sharing web site in

You can download free version from

It includes almost all features available in pro version with some advance feature limitations. you can see detail about these limitation on

For help and discussion you can use the following forum.

ASP.NET Facebook Style Groups & Community Script.

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit introduced advance facebook style groups and community management script which allows developer to build their own professional community portal or integrate community feature in existing website.

It include all features required to build professional facebook style complete community or group portal.

There are hundreds of feature available, main feature includes

Allow users to create group and manage groups. Allow users to manage group contents. Allow users to invite other members. Join or leave groups. Search within group contents. Professional facebook style content sharing within group. Allow flexibility to add almost every type of content within group. Allow administrators to manage all groups, group members and contents. Advance mail communication ...

Professional Photo Uploader in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0 introduced advance professional photo uploader with ability to upload multiple photos at once, generate medium thumb, small thumb for different previews, store photos on local or cloud storage and photo information in database and generate professional photo album preview.

List of core features available in video starter kit 7.0 photo uploader.

Support upload multiple photos at once. Generate mid thumb and small thumb for blog or listing preview. Store photos locally or on cloud storage, amazon s3 builtin supported. Allow updating muliple photo information in facebook style. Allow creating album, storing photos in new album or existing albums. Allow uploading photos to groups. Allow generating facebook ...

Advance Video Uploader With Progress Bar in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0 introduced advance video uploader which is more faster, lighter, reliable and have ability to process multiple videos at once. 

The following core features available in new video uploader.


Completely rewritten from scratch to upload and publish videos more fastly and reliably. Use newly written professional video processing, thumb grabbing and information parsing script with ability to support multi format (mp4, wmv, flv, webm, ogv, mp3 etc), multi level (360p, 480p etc) publishing at once from single video. more detail Support storing videos locally or on cloud storage. Builtin support for amazone s3. Support streaming videos directly from cloud, builtin support for amazon cloudfront streaming (adobe flash streaming server sup...

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.5 has been released.

We have released ASP.NET Video Starter Kit ver 5.5 today with lots of new features, improved existing codes and make it more reliable and scalable at high level of load and data.

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit include lots of new features, the main important feature is integrating Youtube DATA SDK to fetch millions of videos from youtube and manage it with your own way. Now admin can enable youtube engine to start fetching videos based on their interest from youtube by keeping their own website active and full of content. Videos can be fetch based on youtube categories and search terms with filtering option based on today, this week, this month or all time videos.   Live example of how you can manage videos, increase your website traffic and increase your earning chances. ...

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit Packages Reviewed.

These packages have been cancelled - now user can get every package with unlimited usage license

From last three years we provide video starter kit packages based on feature differences to customers. Which create not only problem to us while maintaining different copies but also for customers while upgrading some features.

Now we reviewed and re-designed video starter kit packages based on license like other does.   ASP.NET Video Starter Kit packages now available in three categories with same features but different in scope. ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - (single website)

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 has been released.

We have released improved Video Portal & Youtube Clone Kit for ASP.NET

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 include more new features, improved existing features, fix bugs reported by customers and more.

What's New in Video Starter Kit 5.4: Video Starter Kit 5.4 bundled with lots of new features. Main features added include\r\n

HTML5 Video Player Support. WebM Video Encoding with HTML5 Support. Improved MP4 Video Encoding & Streaming. Featured Videos Extend Photo Gallery Feature. Abuse / Spam Reporting Improvements. Mail Template Improvements. and lots more. I: HTML5 Video Support:

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - Embed Videos

Embedding videos is the powerful way to manage and share videos and increase your website visibility on the web.You can use Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition as a complete web application for managing, sharing and streaming embedded videos in ASP.NET. Video Starter Kit support three types of content management.

Site Videos: In this case only site videos will be allowed to be manage on website. Embedded Videos: In this case only third party videos via embedded script to be allowed on website. Both: In this case both site videos and third party videos allowed to be managed on website.


Embedding videos has lots of advantages.

No disk space uses. No special encoding tool or sdk requires. No bandwidth consumes while strea...

ASP.NET Silverlight Web Application

Microsoft Silverlight is a web application framework that provides functionalities similar to those in Adobe Flash.

Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition can be work as SilverLight web application to provide features for streaming wmv videos through silverlight players instead of flash streaming.

Configuring Silverlight Player / Streaming in Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition.

You can easily configure video starter kit to publish videos in wmv format and later stream through silverlight player.Steps:

Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition ver 5.1 Released.

Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition ver 5.1 Release with lots of improvements and new features.

New Features:New features added in VSK - AE ver 5.1 are

Archive contents. Set Meta information and Page title for dynamic and static pages from centralize location. This will help you to set Meta information and page title for pages easily without changing data on every page. It will ease your work if you setup Video Starter Kit Advance Edition for variety of purposes. Improved google sitemap for posting contents (tags, categories, videos) to google via sitemap. Fully compatible with ASP.NET Photo Sharing Script & ASP.NET Blog Kit">ASP.NET Blog Kit. Lots of more improvements in...