Single Page Dashboard System for Mediasoftpro Products

09 June 2017

We replaced traditional dashboard system with angular js powered single page, real time dashboard system for all our products released after 12.0 version.

Although it makes customization of dashboard functionality little bit difficult if you have no working experience in angular js but it increase performance upto 20 times more than previous version and decreases upto 70% of code.

Not only it decreases the code but also provided ability to add features that were not possible utilizing traditional systems.

Here is preview of our new dashboard system.

We appreciate your feedback for making the system more improved and more useful in the future.

jMedia 12.1 Released

09 June 2017

Today we release enhanced version of jMedia Kit 12.1. 

What's New

jMedia Kit 12.1 includes the following new enhancements.

  • Celebrity profiling extended. Now support dynamic attribute management module. This module helps site administrator to manage unlimited attributes for celebrity or model profiles
  • Now celebrity profile can support 4 different types of profile image resizing and cropping
  • Support attachment of unlimited images with celebrity profiles.
  • Support association of media files (media albums) with celebrity profiles.
  • Improved cropping logic
  • And hundreds of more improvements and feature enhancements.



jAgency Model Portfolio & Booking System 1.0 Released

09 June 2017

Today we release customized solution jAgency Model Portfolio & Booking System 1.0 . It is currently available in ASP.NET MVC and soon will be available for ASP.NET Core & Laravel.

jAgency is a fully customizable, full featured, professionally written, cloud ready model agency portpolio solution that can help you manage unlimited model profiles, unlimited media albums, manage profile attributes, manage blogs, enable cloud for saving media files and doing customization in hundreds of ways.

Fore more detail about this product please visit product official page.


jMedia 12 Released

26 May 2017

Today we released jMedia Kit 12 (Advance social media and content sharing script) targeting ASP.NET Platform. Will be available for ASP.NET Core / PHP Laravel and Meanstack Soon.

jMedia Kit 12 is the most advance and stable version compared to previously released versions. It consists of more than 10 core sections with hundreds of features togather will help you build advance social media solution that normally take years to build.

List of core components include.

  • Albums (Videos, Photos, Audio)
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Audio
  • Groups
  • Forums
  • Q&A (Knowledgebase)
  • Blogs
  • Wiki
  • Polls
  • Social Profiles (User / Celebrity / Services)
  • And more

It act as a framework for extending / customizing any existing component or combine two or more components for building any other solution quickly (within few days that normally take months to build)

e.g You can build highly professional classified solution by utilizing the components

  • Albums
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Archives
  • Featured Components
  • Payment Components
  • User Management
  • Control Panel & Configuration

All you need just to add one or two more components e.g

  • Ads
  • Cities & City Profiling

In this way you can utilize jMedia Kit for hundreds of ways.

What’s New

jMedia Kit 12 include hundreds of features, added new features and enhanced existing functionality. Compare to previous versions, it is 20 times more advance with 50% less code.

Some of major areas that we focused in jMedia 12.

  • Rewrote control panel in Angular Js. Now whole control panel act as a single angular js app. Although it increase complexity (need angular js experience to work with) but enhanced its functionality 30 times more, increase response speed and ability to add more complex features easily that even impossible classic way.
  • Rewrote Account and User Profile Sections as Angular App.
  • Added real time video uploader with publisher (Angular Based)
  • Added direct uploader with ability to grab thumbs and fetch information in real time.
  • Added ability to fetch single or multiple YouTube videos. (Enhanced angular app)
  • Ability to assign and link videos located in Amazon AWS Storage.
  • Add ability to publish videos via Amazon AWS Elastic Transcoder.
  • Ability to embed videos (Vimeo, Youtube and other via embed script)
  • Ability to create albums and add unlimited videos within album. (Album can be act as playlist)
  • Add new Polls Section with ability to create and share polls.
  • Added Celebrity Profiling and Management. Now you can manage (actress / actresses) and associate videos at time of uploading or any other ways.) In this way you can create profiles and media contents associated with specific celebrity, star or any popular individual.
  • New enhanced real time photo uploader with ability to create photo album and upload unlimited photos, add caption to each photo and submit it.
  • New article publisher with ability to attach one or more covers in real time (multiple photos act as slider).
  • New enhanced wiki / topic management.
  • Enhance control panel with hundreds of features to handle every part, features, configurations, users and user data in real time via a single app.
  • Enhanced gamification functionality.
  • Improved forum section.
  • Improved internal data processing logic.
  • And hundreds of more improvements.

These improvement and enhancements made this application the most advance social media and content sharing solution available in the market.

Theme Support:

jMedia Kit 12 current theme enhanced from Premium Porto Template by adding more UI components and features. We used porto due to rich functionality, responsiveness provided by Porto.  Its bootstrap compatible. As we are not author of this theme, before using Porto in our product, we recommend to get its license.

You can also use your own theme. We recommend to use bootstrap compatible themes for fast integration.


We appreciate reporting bugs and feedbacks. This help us improve our product more and make it more useful.


Product Detail

ASP.NET Video Portal (MVC) 11.0.1 Released

31 December 2016

Today we released our most advanced and improved social media and content sharing (ASP.NET Video Portal) with hundreds of improvements, enhancements and additions of new features. It has been written in pure mvc 5 (c#) with entity framework 6. [b]What's New in ASP.NET Video Portal 11:[/b] Core main improvements in video portal 11 includes

  • Poll has been added as core new part of solution that extends the existing supported sections (Videos, Audio, Albums, Photos, Groups, QA, Audio, Wiki etc).
  • 100% pure MVC Built with introduction of Entity Framewok 6 as ORM / Data Access Layer
  • Improved video publishing module
  • Well architect Model View Controller architecture for data processing
  • Introducing Angular JS as front end (Replacing most part of control panel functionality in real time applications for management)         
  • Hundreds of more improvements, feature upgrades and enhancements


ASP.NET Video Suite 10.1 Released

07 June 2016

Today we released more stable and advance version of video suite. List of core changes include

i: More than 10 premium responsive templates plugins available
ii: Fully customizable templates
iii: More stable with hundreds of improvements
iv: Advance cloud support for media storage and streaming
v: Pure ASP.NET MVC built vi: and hundreds of more improvements.

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit (MVC Version) Complete Feature List

07 June 2016

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit is a complete social media and content sharing solution with hundreds of features that can help you build highly scalable, cloud ready highly scalable solution on the fly that took years of effort to build. This topic will provide complete list of core features available in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit or Jmedia Kit.

I: General Features:

I: Bootstrap 3 compatible themes supported
2: Compatibility with more than 10 premium templates
3: Category Management (to manage unlimited categories for different types of contents
3: Tags Management (to manage unlimited tag clouds for different contents
4: Multi Language Support
5: Advance gamification script to enhance social interaction and fun within your application
6: Toggle on / off all core functionality
7: Full featured control panel
8: Advance configuration section in control panel to configure every feature, data and settings
9: Abuse report management
10: Advertisement management
11: Mail template management
12: Content screening / dictionary management
13: Adult content management
14: Error handling and reporting management
15: IP Ban management
16: Complete users / member management
17 Cloud Storage and Streaming for media files (Amazon AWS)
18: Wiki / Glossary / or Topic or Dictionary management
19: Packages management for premium contents or premium add-ons
20: Mail subscriber management
21: Five star rating system or Like / Dislike
22: Add to favorites
23: Add to playlists with playlist management (for videos
24: embed media and share records supported
25: complete sdk for fast customization and create unlimited pages. (some examples here click here
26: Archive Listings
27: Main search with specific content own search pages
28: Advance search
29: Content own category pages with main category pages for seo purpose
30: Dynamic sitemap generated for almost every type of contents for google webmaster, bing webmaster tools
31: RSS / ATOM feed generated for almost every type of dynamic contents[
32: Advance cache management to boost performance of application. Can be easily utilize cloud basedcache including Redis cache supported by Azure and Amazon AWS.
33: Monthly based subscription for premium contents
34: Credit based subscription for premium contents
35: Additional plugins for great premium templates (integrate within minute)
36: Privacy control for media contents (videos ,audio, photos, albums) to mark as public, private and unlisted
37: Flexible sdk for fast customization and unlimited pages generation based on requirements. E.g. it took a minute to create page to display today added photos ordered by most viewed
38: Fancy code preview support (to display codes posted in blogs or forums or qa in a well format way
39: Advance BBCODE supported
40: Lighter rich text box editor for posting articles and other contents.
41: members management including registration, login, forgot password, change password etc

II: Videos Features:

1: Upload and publish videos (normal uploader)
2: Upload direct high quality mp4 videos (direct uploader)
3: Embed videos (youtube api), can attach vimeo or other apis
4: Cloud storage and streaming via secure cloud front channel
5: Highly secure token based streaming (for local contents only)
6: Bandwidth throttling (you can set different bandwidth for paid user then free user) (local contents only)
7: Easy to setup any player and along with plugins e.g add VAST supported plugin with videojs player
8: Can be used Amazon AWS or Azure Media Services for storage and streaming
9: All basic and advance features that make complete video feature as standalone video portal
10: Featured videos
11: Premium videos (to be available on payment either via credits or monthly based subscriptions)

III: Audio Features

1: Upload audio (mp3 format)
2: Attach cover for preview / display
3: Cloud storage and streaming along with local streaming support
4: Can be easily use any third party audio player (built-in player supported)
5: Similar to video section, almost all remaining features

IV: Photo Features

I: Real time uploader to upload unlimited photos
II: Advance video preview page
III: Resize and download options for users on preview page
IV: Slide show options
V: Full cloud storage ready (can be used local or cloud storage)
VI: Mark Photos as wallpapers
VII: Mark photos as most popular
IX: All basic and advance features shared with videos and audio.
X: and more

V: Album Features

1: Advance album management supported for (videos, audio and photos) format
2: It allow users to create albums and group media files into it
3: Professional preview pages for video albums, audio albums and photo albums
4: Attach album cover 5: Complete album management 6: All shared features etc

V: Blogs Feature

I: Post blog in a professional way
II: Attach one or more photos
III: Cloud storage ready for medium files
IV: load slider if more than one photo attached
V: RSS / ATOM feed
VI: All remaining core features including searching, listings, categorizing, tagging, archiving, preview and more

VI: Forum Feature

I: Forum management (to manage unlimited forums within each category)
II: Topics management (to manage unlimited topics in each forum)
III: Post management (to manage unlimited replies or posts within each topic)
IV: Full bbcode supported
V: Post topic and reply to topic
VI: Full social user integration via email VII: and all other basic functionality

VII: Q&A Feature

I: Ask Question
II: Post Answer
III: Advance preview to display question with all answers in a well readable format
IV: BBCODE supported
V: Advance listings
VI: Vote up / down functionality
VII: add to favorite and share features
VIII: Close Q&A
IX: Resolve Q&A
X: Unanswered Q&A
XI: Featured Q&A
XII: and rest all core and basic functionality to make this section a complete solution.

IX: Group Feature

It’s a complete functionality that can be act as a starter for making a great next generation community application.
I: Create, edit or delete groups
II: Manage group users, contents and notifications
III: Manage group privacy
IV: Manage group content posting actions
V: Invite members to group either by private message or through mail.
VI: Advance facebook style content sharing on group
VII: Advance facebook style content actions (like, dislike, comment on post, abuse / spam report on post, delete post by auther of post or group admin)
IX: Professional facebook style group profile
X Advance script to generate post previews from url
XI: Generate professional previews from website own contents (videos, albums, photos, q&a, blog posts, forum posts etc).
XII Generate beautiful previews from third party website urls.
XIII: Ability to post multiple type of contents on group.
And more at : vGroup Kit

X: Glossary / Wiki Features

Optional but powerful tool for search engine optimization. It helps you create a glossary type section to list all important topics (group by A, B, C etc) related to website e.g create a glossary for all topics (term with cars keywords for car site) and automatically convert word to link if matched within articles

XI: Channels Feature

Optional feature but it can help organize all public user profiles in a complete section. Good for sites like dating or where social interaction available.

XII: My Account

Complete my account section for each user to manage I: Profile II: Account Data[ III: Upload and manage contents (e.g upload videos, manage videos etc) IV: other basic features

XIII: Control Panel

A full featured control panel with hundreds of features to manage users data, site data and site configurations.

ASP.NET MVC Enterprise Social Media Product Name Updated

08 April 2016

Today we set unique name to our [url=]enterprise social media and content sharing solution[/url] called as "jMedia" where character 'J' represent our product code name "JUGNOON".

Previously it was called with broad term that create problem for us and for our customers while inquiring about this product. Now [url=]jMedia[/url] currently available in ASP.NET MVC , C# and VB.NET Version with database compatibility with both MS SQL 2008 or later and MySQL

We are planning to release [url=]jMedia[/url] solution in PHP Laravel.

We also added separate section in our Forum section for discussion of jMedia core solution and all child products come under its scope.

We appreciate feedback for making our product more useful.

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0 Released

06 August 2014

After more than one year with thousands of improvements, fixes and design modification atlast we released video starter kit version 8.0 today. This version targets same core features but refined from every aspect.

Design Improvements:

  • Introduced lighter, latest bootstrap 3.20 compatible control panel and front themes.
  • Replacement of app_themes folder with direct css usage to make it faster and use theme style sheets more efficiently.
  • Refined complete project user interface with bootstrap 3.20 compatible interface to make look and feel and html layout more cleaner.
  • More refined and responsive listings and image display.
  • and more

Video Streaming Improvements:

  • Introducing advance http script to progressively stream videos via html5 / flash player.
  • Introducing advance token & cookie based http stream protection.
  • Improved http streaming of private distribution over cloud front (RTMP and HLS)
  • Use of latest JW Player and MediaElement5 Player

Video Uploading & Publishing:

  • More improved uploader with encoding system.
  • Introducing direct video uploader which allow site administrator to upload multiple mp4 / webm etc published videos, capture thumb via HTML 5 screenshot taker, and capture duration of videos directly.
  • Improved audio uploading

Restructured Control Panel:

  • Complete redesigned control panel with enhanced management.
  • Responsive bootstrap 3.2 compatible admin control panel template.
  • More than 200 features in control panel that can control every aspect of website settings and user posted data.

Improved All Core Sections:

  • Improved almost all core sections including
  • Feature improvments of videos, audio, qa, forums, blogs and groups.
  • Improved displaying, listing and processing of data
  • Content posting structured are completely redesigned and more secured.

Data Access Layer:

  • Make data process layer more improved, scalable and secure.
  • Extended data access layer by introducing NHibernate and Entity Framework 6.0 (both nhibernate, entity framework) is in testing mode and not yet part of bundle

My Account:

  • Redesigned and improved control panel features
  • Retuned allmost all features (more than 100) avaialble in myaccount section.

User Channel:

  • Removed heavy loaded, classical style custom channels.
  • Make all feature tunned and lighter

Other Enhancement:

  • Using latest tinymice rich text box editor for posting contents through admin or user.
  • Improved way to use pretify js script to make code display in blogs, forums, qa and other part of site more beautiful
  • Improved wiki / article posting section (
  • Improved website design with enhanced footer.
  • Add optional theme switcher on top.
  • Update all features using latest jquery, bootstrap and other js files.
  • Improved album listings and previews.
  • Improved photo listing and previews.
  • Introducing advance image resizer / options to resize, download photos based on various optiosn (hd, wide screen, mobile compatible and more)
  • and hundreds of more improvemends.

As ASP.NET Video Starter Kit is built from more than 20 core sections which including upto 1000 features. There may be chances of small bugs, fixes, if you found it, just report it to us via our support forum or mail.


Improved Video and Audio Publishing Script in Video Sharing Script.

04 December 2012

Uploading and encoding videos and audio files from almost every video and audio format, generate highest possible quality output and make it streamable for the web is one of the most complex in web development effort. From first release 2007 we contineously working hard in highest priority on this areas and contineously improving our script to make this process fast, reliable, scalable and provide best possible results.

Until current release of video starter kit 7.1, we face tremendeous amount of challenges including.

  • Introducing new video formats and streaming concepts time to time starting journey from flash flv encoding and streaming now extended to diverse mp4, webm, m3u8 and other streaming formats with diverse approaches. 
  • Popularity of mobiles devices add more challenges for adopting strategies for better streaming approaches (html5, flash etc)
  • Time to time introducing rich user interfaces, jquery and other uploading file approaches.
  • Starting from ftp and now cloud storage and streaming become much popular source for media stoage on multiple servers.
  • And lots of other challenges time to time.

We continously working hard to tackle these challenges while introducing concepts which support almost every current standards. We sometime face tough time as addition of feature cause unstability in our product encoding phases.

Recent Changes:

In order to make it more stable and reliable we made some restrictions and addition of new features in current encoding script.

Addition includes

  • Now support chunk video and audio uploading. Allow video to split in small pieces and join it again at server level when reach. 
  • Support background processings
  • Improved sheduled publishing script.
Restriction includes
In order to make this complex process reliable we made some restrictions.
  • If direct video publishing enabled (process videos and audio files suddenly after uploading comples) then no cloud storage support available. Media files can only be store in local drives.
  • In case of direct video publishing, only background processing will be enabled directly to perform encoding in background while allow website to perform other operations. Still encoding status will be shown on page to indicate encoding happens.
  • In case of shedule publishing (unpublished videos to be published in sequence after specified time interval), cloude storage will be utilitze.
  • In shedule publishing, no background processing will be enabled. it will be normal encoding process.
To make process simpler, we removed traditional multi server video and audio management via FTP. Now ftp transfer is no longer supported. Now script completely target cloud storage.
Hope this article will help you understand complexity involve in this area and our implementational changes in new release. (ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.1)

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.1 Has Been Released!

04 December 2012

Today we released more stable and improved version of video starter kit 7.1 which is a core product of all sub products (videos, audio, photos, forums, blogs, qa, groups etc).

In this release we mainly focussed on stabilizing all advance features added in version 7.0 and make it more lighter and scalable. List of main improvements done in version 7.1

  • Improved video and audio publishing logic to make it more stable, reliable and fix bugs found in previous version.
  • Upgrade twitter bootstrap with latest version.
  • Fix browse issues found while implementing twitter bootstrap.
  • Facebook wallpaper style user profile with ability for users to post on their own walls (internal contents and external link share like facebook). Can be easily extended to allow friends to post on your wall or profile.
  • Improved video and audio uploading by allowing chunk uploads.
  • Background video and audio encoding introduced.
  • Improved script for sheduled video and audio processing.
  • Removed ftp uploading (classic style) content management while extending focus completely on cloud storage and streaming.
  • Removed other useless features.
  • Clean and made code lighter.
  • First time after six years of first release, we released free version of video kit lighter edition.
  • And hundreds of more features and fix.

We appreciate your feedbacks and bug reports. This help us to improve our product more.

ASP.NET Youtube Clone Free Version Released

02 December 2012

We just released free version of video sharing & youtube clone script today under open source LGPL license.

It is a complete script with all basic and advance features which allow you to created highly profitable social media sharing web site in

You can download free version from

It includes almost all features available in pro version with some advance feature limitations. you can see detail about these limitation on

For help and discussion you can use the following forum.

We can provide additional installation service by one time fees.

We appreciate your feedbacks for releasing more free products soon.

You can get more free scription from

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0 Video Encoding Process.

13 July 2012

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0 completely replaced video or audio publishing script with more reliable and advance encoding script based on newly developed video uploader and publisher engine.

New media encoding script allow you to set multi format (flv, mp4, webm, ogv), multi level (360p, 480p, 720p) youtube style video publishing mechanism by setting different settings within single encoding setting file.

Now you can easily setup your encoding routine to process source video to variety of ways including

  • convert source video to mp4 format,
  • convert source video to mp4, mp3 audio format.
  • convert source video to mp4, webm format
  • convert source video to mp4 (360p), mp4 (480p) format
  • convert source video to mp4 (360p), webm (480p) format
  • and more with your own way.

Now media settings can't be updated from control panel -> settings -> configuration -> media section, still you can set video extensions, etc from here. Now you can set different levelvideo encoding and settings via separate file. example shown below.

 public static MediaHandler ReturnMediaSettings(int itag)
     MediaHandler media = new MediaHandler();
     string RootPath = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath(HttpContext.Current.Request.ApplicationPath);
     string presetpath = RootPath + "\\ffmpeg\\presets\\libx264-baseline.ffpreset";
     switch (itag)
             case 0: // 240p flv video settings
                     media.Width = 400;
                     media.Height = 240;
                     media.Video_Bitrate = 256;
                     media.Audio_SamplingRate = 22050;
                     media.Audio_Bitrate = 64;
                     media.OutputExtension = ".flv";
                     media.Force = "flv";
             case 1: // 360p flv video settings
                     media.Width = 640;
                     media.Height = 360;
                     media.Video_Bitrate = 500;
                     media.Audio_SamplingRate = 44100;
                     media.Audio_Bitrate = 128;
                     media.OutputExtension = ".flv";
                     media.VCodec = "libx264";
                     media.Parameters = " -fpre \"" + presetpath + "\"";
             case 2: // 480p flv video settings
                     media.Width = 854;
                     media.Height = 480;
                     media.Video_Bitrate = 1000;
                     media.Audio_SamplingRate = 44100;
                     media.Audio_Bitrate = 128;
                     media.OutputExtension = ".flv";
                     media.VCodec = "libx264";
                     media.Parameters = " -fpre \"" + presetpath + "\"";
              case 3: // 720p flv video settings
                    media.Width = 1280;
                    media.Height = 720;
                    media.Video_Bitrate = 2000;
                    media.Audio_SamplingRate = 44100;
                    media.Audio_Bitrate = 128;
                    media.OutputExtension = ".flv";
                    media.VCodec = "libx264";
                    media.Parameters = " -fpre \"" + presetpath + "\"";
               case 4: // 240p mp4 video encoding
                    media.Width = 400;
                    media.Height = 240;
                    media.Video_Bitrate = 256;
                    media.Audio_SamplingRate = 44100;
                    media.Audio_Bitrate = 128;
                    media.OutputExtension = ".mp4";
                    media.VCodec = "libx264";
                    media.Parameters = " -fpre \"" + presetpath + "\"";
              case 5: // 360p mp4 video encoding
                    media.Width = 640;
                    media.Height = 380;
                    media.Video_Bitrate = 500;
                    media.Audio_SamplingRate = 44100;
                    media.Audio_Bitrate = 128;
                    media.OutputExtension = ".mp4";
                    media.VCodec = "libx264";
                    media.Parameters = " -fpre \"" + presetpath + "\"";
              case 6: // 480p mp4 video encoding
                    media.Width = 854;
                    media.Height = 480;
                    media.Video_Bitrate = 1000;
                    media.Audio_SamplingRate = 44100;
                    media.Audio_Bitrate = 128;
                    media.OutputExtension = ".mp4";
                    media.VCodec = "libx264";
                    media.Parameters = " -fpre \"" + presetpath + "\"";
              case 7: // 720p mp4 video encoding
                   media.Width = 1280;
                   media.Height = 720;
media.Video_Bitrate = 2200;
media.Audio_SamplingRate = 44100;
media.Audio_Bitrate = 96;
media.OutputExtension = ".mp4";
media.VCodec = "libx264";
media.Parameters = " -fpre \"" + presetpath + "\"";
case 8: // 1080p mp4 video encoding
media.Width = 1920;
media.Height = 1080;
media.Video_Bitrate = 2900;
media.Audio_SamplingRate = 44100;
media.Audio_Bitrate = 152;
media.OutputExtension = ".mp4";
media.VCodec = "libx264";
media.Parameters = " -fpre \"" + presetpath + "\"";
case 9: // 240p webm video encoding
media.Width = 400;
media.Height = 240;
media.Video_Bitrate = 256;
media.Audio_SamplingRate = 44100;
media.Audio_Bitrate = 128;
media.OutputExtension = ".webm";
media.VCodec = "libx264";
presetpath = RootPath + "\\ffmpeg\\presets\\libvpx-360p.ffpreset";
media.VCodec = "libvpx";
media.ACodec = "libvorbis";
media.Parameters = "-f webm -aspect 4:3 -fpre \"" + presetpath + "\"";
case 10: // 360p webm video encoding
media.Width = 640;
media.Height = 380;
media.Video_Bitrate = 500;
media.Audio_SamplingRate = 44100;
media.Audio_Bitrate = 128;
media.OutputExtension = ".webm";
media.VCodec = "libx264";
presetpath = RootPath + "\\ffmpeg\\presets\\libvpx-360p.ffpreset";
media.VCodec = "libvpx";
media.ACodec = "libvorbis";
media.Parameters = "-f webm -aspect 4:3 -fpre \"" + presetpath + "\"";
case 11: // 480p webm video encoding
media.Width = 854;
media.Height = 480;
media.Video_Bitrate = 1000;
media.Audio_SamplingRate = 44100;
media.Audio_Bitrate = 192;
media.OutputExtension = ".webm";
media.VCodec = "libx264";
presetpath = RootPath + "\\ffmpeg\\presets\\libvpx-360p.ffpreset";
media.VCodec = "libvpx";
media.ACodec = "libvorbis";
media.Parameters = "-f webm -aspect 4:3 -fpre \"" + presetpath + "\"";
case 12: // 720p webm video encoding
media.Width = 1280;
media.Height = 720;
media.Video_Bitrate = 2200;
media.Audio_SamplingRate = 44100;
media.Audio_Bitrate = 192;
media.OutputExtension = ".webm";
media.VCodec = "libx264";
presetpath = RootPath + "\\ffmpeg\\presets\\libvpx-360p.ffpreset";
media.VCodec = "libvpx";
media.ACodec = "libvorbis";
media.Parameters = "-f webm -aspect 4:3 -fpre \"" + presetpath + "\"";
case 13: // 1080p webm video encoding
media.Width = 1920;
media.Height = 1080;
media.Video_Bitrate = 2900;
media.Audio_SamplingRate = 44100;
media.Audio_Bitrate = 192;
media.OutputExtension = ".webm";
media.VCodec = "libx264";
presetpath = RootPath + "\\ffmpeg\\presets\\libvpx-360p.ffpreset";
media.VCodec = "libvpx";
media.ACodec = "libvorbis";
media.Parameters = "-f webm -aspect 4:3 -fpre \"" + presetpath + "\"";
case 14: // mp3 audio encoding
media.DisableVideo = true;
media.Channel = 2;
media.Audio_SamplingRate = 4800;
media.Audio_Bitrate = 192;
media.OutputExtension = ".mp3";
return media;

You can add more options and update existing options based on your encoding settings.

How to enable encoding based on your selected settings?

You can just pass setting id as string or array list to media encoder class which is responsible for publishing videos. e.g if you want to allow script to encode 360p mp4 encoding, just add the following script in video uploader file.

ArrayList itags = new ArrayList();
itags.Add("5");encoder.iTags = itags;

e.g if you want to encode 360p mp4 video and mp3 audio file for listing audio as alternative source. do the following settings.

ArrayList itags = new ArrayList();
itags.Add("5");itags.Add("14");encoder.iTags = itags;

Once updated, rest of videos will be published based on your settings.

You can enable cloud storage to store published videos and audio files to cloud (builtin amazon s3 supported), you need to setup, enable cloud storage from control panel -> settings -> configurations -> cloud setting section  inorder to perform storage properly.

encoder.EnableCloudStorage = true;

You can delete source video after publishing by using the followng setting

 encoder.DeleteSource = true;

Hope this guide will help you to implement best possible approach for encoding high quality videos and audio files  via video starter kit 7.0 applicatioin.

ASP.NET Image Crawler Script.

11 July 2012

ASP.NET Photo or Image Crawler Script is buitin part of video starter kit or photo sharing script, which is small image crawler script allow you to fetch images from any third party websites, download images, prepare images (generate mid or small thumbs), store images on your server or cloud storage, create photo albums and create blog posts from generated photos automatically in one step.

Main Features:


  • Crawl and fetch photos from almost every type of website or page which include photos.
  • Allow option to create new album or add fetched photos in existing album
  • Allow option to create blog post from list of fetched photos.
  • Allow options to choose category, tags and other information for fetched photos, albums and blog posts.
  • Allow options to review and select best fetched photos and delete remaining.
  • Allow options to globally set photo caption or individually update photo title, tags, categories, description.

Script can be more extended to crawl and fetch photos from whole website. It can be extended to generate image search engine for crawling complete websites, fetch photo information, generate thumbs and store photo index information to allow users to search indexed photos.

It allows flexibility to add hundreds of thousands of photos within few days which normally takes months or years of effort.

Script can be used for lots more purposes.

Demo on Youtube


Recommended to use such crawler for fetching normal, non copyright or your own materials.

ASP.NET Facebook Style Groups & Community Script.

10 July 2012

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit introduced advance facebook style groups and community management script which allows developer to build their own professional community portal or integrate community feature in existing website.

It include all features required to build professional facebook style complete community or group portal.

There are hundreds of feature available, main feature includes

    • Allow users to create group and manage groups.
    • Allow users to manage group contents.
    • Allow users to invite other members.
    • Join or leave groups.
    • Search within group contents.
    • Professional facebook style content sharing within group.
    • Allow flexibility to add almost every type of content within group.
    • Allow administrators to manage all groups, group members and contents.
    • Advance mail communication between group members, authors and admins.
    • and lots of more features.


For more detail visit group detail section.

Watch Facebook Style Content Sharing Demo on Youtube.

Professional Photo Uploader in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0

08 July 2012

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0 introduced advance professional photo uploader with ability to upload multiple photos at once, generate medium thumb, small thumb for different previews, store photos on local or cloud storage and photo information in database and generate professional photo album preview.

List of core features available in video starter kit 7.0 photo uploader.

  • Support upload multiple photos at once.
  • Generate mid thumb and small thumb for blog or listing preview.
  • Store photos locally or on cloud storage, amazon s3 builtin supported.
  • Allow updating muliple photo information in facebook style.
  • Allow creating album, storing photos in new album or existing albums.
  • Allow uploading photos to groups.
  • Allow generating facebook style photo uploading activity.
  • And lots more.

Video Demo

Advance Video Uploader With Progress Bar in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0

08 July 2012

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0 introduced advance video uploader which is more faster, lighter, reliable and have ability to process multiple videos at once. 

The following core features available in new video uploader.


  • Completely rewritten from scratch to upload and publish videos more fastly and reliably.
  • Use newly written professional video processing, thumb grabbing and information parsing script with ability to support multi format (mp4, wmv, flv, webm, ogv, mp3 etc), multi level (360p, 480p etc) publishing at once from single video. more detail
  • Support storing videos locally or on cloud storage. Builtin support for amazone s3.
  • Support streaming videos directly from cloud, builtin support for amazon cloudfront streaming (adobe flash streaming server supported)
  • Support ability to grab multiple thumbs from single video.
  • Support upading information of multiple uploaded video in facebook, youtube style.
  • Support creating albums and upload videos in newly created album or existing album.
  • Support uploading videos to groups directly.
  • Generate professional video uploading facebook style activity post. display in user public profile.
  • and lots of more features.

Youtube Video Preview.

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0 Has Been Released!

07 July 2012

We just released video starter kit after more than year of effort to make it lighter, faster and more scalable.

We have added lots of new features, addition of new core sections and added hundreds of improvements in almost every section, module or features within video starter kit solution. 

It is now fully compatible with next generation user interface development tools (Jquery + Twitter Bootstrap)

For more information, visit

Generating Google and Yahoo Sitemaps in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit.

03 November 2011

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit support both google sitemap and yahoo ror sitemap generator and yahoo ror sitemap generator for posting dynamic content listing urls to google, yahoo, bing and other search engines.

These sitemaps helps your website contents to be fastly crawled and index by google, yahoo, bing and other search engines and in result with organic visitors increase (visitors comes through search results)

List of sitemaps supported by video starter kit 6.0

  •  Category Urls (for submitting category urls to search engines)
  • Tag Urls (for submitting tag cloud urls to search engines)
  • Video & Audio Urls ( for submitting videos and audio file urls to search engines)
  • Photo Urls (for submitting photo urls to search engines)
  • Gallery Urls (for submitting gallery urls)
  • Blog Urls (for submitting blog urls)
  • Forum Urls (for submiting forum urls)
  • Forum Topic Urls (for submitting forum topic urls)


Both Google and Yahoo sitemaps supported for content types mentioned above.

All sitemap files located at /sitemaps/ folder.

You can register these sitemaps through webmaster tools e.g Google Webmaster Tool, Yahoo Webmaster Tool, etc

Each sitemap can generate upto 50,000 Urls (maximum restriction of search engines), if your website records exceeds 50,000 records for specific section e.g videos you can generate another sitemap for next 50,000 records by passing pagenumber.

You can submit different types of content sitemap by using "type" querystring e.g

    • category_urls.asxh?type=0 // represent video categories
    • category_urls.asxh?type=1 // represent photo categories