ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0 Released

06 August 2014

After more than one year with thousands of improvements, fixes and design modification atlast we released video starter kit version 8.0 today. This version targets same core features but refined from every aspect.

Design Improvements:

  • Introduced lighter, latest bootstrap 3.20 compatible control panel and front themes.
  • Replacement of app_themes folder with direct css usage to make it faster and use theme style sheets more efficiently.
  • Refined complete project user interface with bootstrap 3.20 compatible interface to make look and feel and html layout more cleaner.
  • More refined and responsive listings and image display.
  • and more

Video Streaming Improvements:

  • Introducing advance http script to progressively stream videos via html5 / flash player.
  • Introducing advance token & cookie based http stream protection.
  • Improved http streaming of private distribution over cloud front (RTMP and HLS)
  • Use of latest JW Player and MediaElement5 Player

Video Uploading & Publishing:

  • More improved uploader with encoding system.
  • Introducing direct video uploader which allow site administrator to upload multiple mp4 / webm etc published videos, capture thumb via HTML 5 screenshot taker, and capture duration of videos directly.
  • Improved audio uploading

Restructured Control Panel:

  • Complete redesigned control panel with enhanced management.
  • Responsive bootstrap 3.2 compatible admin control panel template.
  • More than 200 features in control panel that can control every aspect of website settings and user posted data.

Improved All Core Sections:

  • Improved almost all core sections including
  • Feature improvments of videos, audio, qa, forums, blogs and groups.
  • Improved displaying, listing and processing of data
  • Content posting structured are completely redesigned and more secured.

Data Access Layer:

  • Make data process layer more improved, scalable and secure.
  • Extended data access layer by introducing NHibernate and Entity Framework 6.0 (both nhibernate, entity framework) is in testing mode and not yet part of bundle

My Account:

  • Redesigned and improved control panel features
  • Retuned allmost all features (more than 100) avaialble in myaccount section.

User Channel:

  • Removed heavy loaded, classical style custom channels.
  • Make all feature tunned and lighter

Other Enhancement:

  • Using latest tinymice rich text box editor for posting contents through admin or user.
  • Improved way to use pretify js script to make code display in blogs, forums, qa and other part of site more beautiful
  • Improved wiki / article posting section (
  • Improved website design with enhanced footer.
  • Add optional theme switcher on top.
  • Update all features using latest jquery, bootstrap and other js files.
  • Improved album listings and previews.
  • Improved photo listing and previews.
  • Introducing advance image resizer / options to resize, download photos based on various optiosn (hd, wide screen, mobile compatible and more)
  • and hundreds of more improvemends.

As ASP.NET Video Starter Kit is built from more than 20 core sections which including upto 1000 features. There may be chances of small bugs, fixes, if you found it, just report it to us via our support forum or mail.


ASP.NET Image Crawler Script.

11 July 2012

ASP.NET Photo or Image Crawler Script is buitin part of video starter kit or photo sharing script, which is small image crawler script allow you to fetch images from any third party websites, download images, prepare images (generate mid or small thumbs), store images on your server or cloud storage, create photo albums and create blog posts from generated photos automatically in one step.

Main Features:


  • Crawl and fetch photos from almost every type of website or page which include photos.
  • Allow option to create new album or add fetched photos in existing album
  • Allow option to create blog post from list of fetched photos.
  • Allow options to choose category, tags and other information for fetched photos, albums and blog posts.
  • Allow options to review and select best fetched photos and delete remaining.
  • Allow options to globally set photo caption or individually update photo title, tags, categories, description.

Script can be more extended to crawl and fetch photos from whole website. It can be extended to generate image search engine for crawling complete websites, fetch photo information, generate thumbs and store photo index information to allow users to search indexed photos.

It allows flexibility to add hundreds of thousands of photos within few days which normally takes months or years of effort.

Script can be used for lots more purposes.

Demo on Youtube


Recommended to use such crawler for fetching normal, non copyright or your own materials.

Generating Google and Yahoo Sitemaps in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit.

03 November 2011

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit support both google sitemap and yahoo ror sitemap generator and yahoo ror sitemap generator for posting dynamic content listing urls to google, yahoo, bing and other search engines.

These sitemaps helps your website contents to be fastly crawled and index by google, yahoo, bing and other search engines and in result with organic visitors increase (visitors comes through search results)

List of sitemaps supported by video starter kit 6.0

  •  Category Urls (for submitting category urls to search engines)
  • Tag Urls (for submitting tag cloud urls to search engines)
  • Video & Audio Urls ( for submitting videos and audio file urls to search engines)
  • Photo Urls (for submitting photo urls to search engines)
  • Gallery Urls (for submitting gallery urls)
  • Blog Urls (for submitting blog urls)
  • Forum Urls (for submiting forum urls)
  • Forum Topic Urls (for submitting forum topic urls)


Both Google and Yahoo sitemaps supported for content types mentioned above.

All sitemap files located at /sitemaps/ folder.

You can register these sitemaps through webmaster tools e.g Google Webmaster Tool, Yahoo Webmaster Tool, etc

Each sitemap can generate upto 50,000 Urls (maximum restriction of search engines), if your website records exceeds 50,000 records for specific section e.g videos you can generate another sitemap for next 50,000 records by passing pagenumber.

You can submit different types of content sitemap by using "type" querystring e.g

    • category_urls.asxh?type=0 // represent video categories
    • category_urls.asxh?type=1 // represent photo categories

Free and Paid Membership in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 6.0

02 November 2011

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit version 6.0 introduced new level of membership management. Now site administrator can allocate resources, restrict account usage for free members and allow paid members to enhance their account usages and credits by purchasing paid packages.

Now site administrator can

    • Enable, Disable Resource Allocation and Membership Process
    • Create unlimited number of free and paid packages
    • Assign any free package with free user
    • Free user can upgrade their membership by purchasing any of available paid package.
    • Paypal integration of payment
    • Payment history will be generated for user under purchase history section and for site administrator.
    • User account resources will be upgraded according to package purchased.


Enable Package Management:

It can be enabled from control panel -> settings -> configurations -> features -> display packages

Manage Packages:

Packages can be managed through control panel -> settings -> package management section

Site administrator can add unlimited number of free and paid packages and can update package information any time.

Features Available in Each Package:

In each package site administrator can manage


    • Package Name
    • Package Description
    • Price
    • Credits (available credits to be used for purchasing premium contents)
    • No of uploaded videos (maximum allocation for uploading videos)
    • No of uploaded audio files (maximum allocation for uploading audio files)
    • No of photo galleries (maximum photo galleries to be allowed to create)
    • No of uploaded photos (maximum number of photos to be allowed)
    • No of blog posts (maximum number of blog posts allowed)
    • Space Video (maximum number of space allocated for videos in MB)
    • Space Audio (maximum number of space allocated for audio files in MB)
    • Space Photo (maximum number of space allocated for photo storage)
    • Package Type (free or paid package)


Site admin can assign any of free package to normal users. At time of registeration user account will be update with assign package information. so user will be restricted to use account with package limitation.

If membership package is disabled, free user have unlimited access to user and upload contents without any limitations.

Package Purchasing:

Free or paid user can upgrade their account usage any time by selecting any paid package from list of available packages. Once purchased, their account remained usage stats will be upgraded.

If user try to upload video and there is no sufficient balance avaialble to upload videos, then sript will automatically redirect user to purchase package section.

Payment Options:

User can purchased any package through paypal.

Multi Language Implementation in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit

01 November 2011

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 6.0 introduced new approach for managing multiple language, culture user interface to provide ability for user to switch user interface language according to their desired region specific culture or languages settings.

Previous versions of video starter kit only support multiple culture specific resource files and admin can only set website specific culture via web.config file, so user have no ability to change language, culture with their own will.

Now using video starter kit 6.0, site administrator can

    • Enable Disable Multi Language User Interface Support
    • Manage all languages through control panel / settings / language management section.
    • Set default language
    • Add or register new language
    • Choose languages from list of country specific languages to appear on front page.
    • Advance options to filter contents based on user culture specific language settings.

If multi language option is enabled from /control panel / settings / configurations / features , list of enabled languages will be shown on front section of website. When user click on any of country flag, whole user interface of website will be translated to selected language or culture.

User language selection will be stored in cookie in order keep preserved user selected language without setting it again.

If advance language specific filter is enabled, then whole website contents will be filters for user based on user selected language or culture settings.

e.g if user choose spanish as language and if content specific option is enabled (control panel / settings / configurations / features) then only spanish related contents will be display on website for selected user.

Under new implementation you can manage unlimited number of regional languages, enable unlimited number of language support for front section.

Site administrator can create new language file by translating any of existing resource file located at /app_globalresources/ section.

We translated all resource files using Google Translator.

ASP.NET Image Handler To Resize and Preview High Quality Images in Real Time

01 November 2011

In this article we will provide information and sample codes for creating image handler file in, c# or which can be used to resize image, generate highest quality output and show image preview in real time.

You can directly use image handler in image src path to process and display output on browser.

Such handler file have lots of advantages, e.g

  • Provide ability to resize image in real time and display output on browser.
  • Protect image direct path from access.
  • Add lots of other validation to protect images from anti leeching.

Image handling have some drawbacks

  • Consume resources and performance issues so should be used in cases where its needed. e.g if you provide system for user to prepare image for mobile photo, iphone, psp, high definition, and according to different screen resolutions.

Handler file can be called as

<img src="imagehandler.ashx?filename=abc.jpg"...

Code for generating image handler.

GenerateThumbnail function will be used to generate highest possible quality output based on three paramters,

lcFilename (complete path of source photo), width (output width of photo), height (output height of photo)

Code is shown below

private byte[] GenerateThumbnail(string lcFilename, int Width, int Height)

        //Image img = Image.FromStream(fStream);
        //Image thumbnailImage = img.GetThumbnailImage(Width, height),
        //      new Image.GetThumbnailImageAbort(ThumbnailCallback), IntPtr.Zero);

        Bitmap loBMP = null;
        Bitmap bmpOut = null;
            loBMP = new Bitmap(lcFilename);
            ImageFormat loFormat = loBMP.RawFormat;
            Size newSize = new Size();
            newSize.Height = Height;
            newSize.Width = Width;
            bmpOut = new Bitmap(newSize.Width, newSize.Height);
            Graphics canvas = Graphics.FromImage(bmpOut);
            canvas.SmoothingMode = SmoothingMode.AntiAlias;
            canvas.InterpolationMode = InterpolationMode.HighQualityBicubic;
            canvas.PixelOffsetMode = PixelOffsetMode.HighQuality;
            canvas.DrawImage(loBMP, new Rectangle(new Point(0, 0), newSize));
        catch (Exception ex)
        MemoryStream imageStream = new MemoryStream();
        bmpOut.Save(imageStream, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg);

        byte[] imageContent = new Byte[imageStream.Length];
        imageStream.Position = 0;
        imageStream.Read(imageContent, 0, (int)imageStream.Length);
        return imageContent;

GenerateThumbnail function to be called in ProcesRequest method to output resized thumb.

if (File.Exists(strPath))

     ht = new Hashtable();
     //FileStream fInfo = new FileStream(strPath, FileMode.Open);
     byte[] bFile;
     bFile = GenerateThumbnail(strPath, width, height);
     ht.Add(this.ImageID, bFile);

Byte[] arrImg = (byte[])ht[this.ImageID];
context.Response.ContentType = "image/jpeg";

Hope this code will help you generate image handler with highest possible image output.


User Role Based Permission in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit.

01 November 2011

New advance role based permission system has been introduced for users in video starter kit 6.0. Via role based management site administrator can provide different levels of permission to certain users or default registered users.

Site administrators can create unlimited role based permission settings and assign any role based settings to default users. If there is no role based settings set, then all user will be free to use all website resources without any validation.

The following types of permissions can be set in each settings.

    • Permission to upload videos
    • Permission to upload audio files
    • Permission to upload photos
    • Permission to create galleries
    • Permission to post blog posts
    • Permission to create groups


Site administrators can manage permissions via

Control Panel / Settings / User Role Based Permissions Section

Site administrator can create permissio settings and assign any permission settings for default users (user who register directly via registeration process or using facebook login)

Site administrator can give specific permission settings to any user through member management section.

In this way site administrator can control which type of users to give which type of permissions while using website.


Create and Customize Video Starter Kit Themes & Design

25 October 2010

Video Starter Kit include more than twenty professional looking themes and provide flexibility to create your own themes or customize existing theme or change complete look and feel in just few minutes.

Video Starter Kit be default light weight JQUERY UI compatible design and themes. You can use JQUER UI Theme Roller to create any level of theme and embed it within Video Starter Kit solution just by following few steps.

Just follow easy steps to create your own them using JQUERY UI Theme Roller.

  • Go to , choose template and start edition template by choosing your own color scheme and styles.
  • Once theme created download complete bundle to your computer.
  • Unzip downloaded theme and jquery script zip file.
  • Under Video Starter Kit solution, create new theme, copy files from any of existing theme, paste copied files into newly created theme.
  • Now open unzipped downloaded custom theme folder, go to jquery-ui-1.7.3.custom\\css\\custom-theme folder and copy images folder.
  • Paste all files within images folder into newly created Video Starter Kit theme images folder.
  • Go to jquery-ui-1.7.3.custom\\css\\custom-theme and open jquery-ui-1.7.3.custom.css theme css class, copy all class until .ui-widget-shadow {---}... class.
  • Open newly created theme \\app_themes\\newthem\\jquery-ui.css file and replace all css files with copied css files except ui-dialog {...} classes at the end.
  • Setup theme in web.config file
  • This will update jquery ui theme within your Video Starter Kit template.
  • Rest for layout customization, just open app_themes\\newtheme\\layout.css file and adjust color schemes for text, links, headers, navigations, backgrounds according to your custom color.
  • run your website your will see totally changed look and feel.

Play with layout.css file, you can change complete look and feel of Video Starter Kit in few minutes.

If you face problem report it to us with detail.


ASP.NET Photo Crawling Script - Batch Uploader.

26 August 2010

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit version 5.3 introduced more powerful photo crawling and batch uploading script for uploading photos in one step making it possible to upload and manage thousands of photos in few hours within website making website rich from content.

ASP.NET Photo Crawling Script:

Photo Crawling Script is powerful script written in ASP.NET which can facilitate website administrator to fastly upload and manage hundreds of photos within an hour to website by using single step. Main feature of script includes

  • Crawl photos from local computer or server by providing local destination path, or third party websites by providing direct url.
  • Fetch and download photos to server from path provided.
  • Allow site administrator to choose photos that he want to be part of website and remove useless photos.
  • Assign category for uploaded photos. gallery if created, blog posted if generated.
  • Allow options to give global title, description, tags for all selected photos or give title, description, tags for each and every photo.
  • Allow options to create photo gallery and put all photos in gallery or place photos in existing gallery by providing gallery id. It also facilitate administrator to assign different title and description for gallery.
  • Allow option to generate blog post from selected photos, assign blog title and place separate blog description / detail.

Key Advantages:

ASP.NET Photo Crawling Script give the following advantages to site administrator for uploading multiple photos in batch at once.

  • Simplifies photo uploading and managing task and make it possible to upload thousands of photos in few hours.
  • Help site administrator to download photos from server as well as powerful crawling script allow admin to fetch and download photos from any website by just providing website photo page url.
  • For developers, photo crawling script open new gateways and can help in advance content crawling and fetching requirements.
  • Demo: All photos uploaded, galleries created and blog posted in through ASP.NET Photo Crawling Script.

ASP.NET Photo Sharing Script - Ver 1.0 Released

19 January 2010

ASP.NET Photo Sharing Script is a complete code for storing, managing and sharing photos and images on the web. It is written in (c# , and fully compatible with Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition. It include all features that is required for building highly complex photo sharing web applications.
It is released as a plugin for Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition.
Main Feature Includes

  • Uploading photos
  • Managing photos in listings (Main Listing, Categorizing, Tagging, etc)
  • Advance photo preview with all options for sharing, rating, commenting photos.
  • Archiving photos.
  • Admin management.
  • and lots of more features.

ASP.NET Photo Sharing Script is totally compatible with Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition. You can easily integrate it into your existing Video Starter Kit - AE solution by just follow the simple instructions written in read me file.

Live Demo:

We appreciate your feedbacks. You can discussion and share your ideas through comments about improving ASP.NET photo sharing script more.