Media Handler Pro Free Version Extended.

Today we announced the release of extended version of media handler pro component free version. Now free version have almost all features and have no feature restrictions. You can freely use it in your unlimited no of applications, servers and domains.

You can download it from

Difference Between Free Version and Full Version of Media Handler Pro.

There is only one different between pro and free version as pro version can support background video and audio processing which will prevent any deadlock in your application while encoding large media files.

For more detail about pro version visit.

HTTP Pseudo-Streaming in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit

Both MP4 and FLV videos can be played back with a mechanism called HTTP \r\nPseudostreaming. This mechanism allows your viewers to seek to not-yet \r\ndownloaded parts of a video. YouTube is an example site that offers this\r\n functionality.

Previously we implement HTTP Pseudostreaming concept based on server \r\nside scripting. Such a script have lots of disadvantages such a script \r\nconsumes a lot of resources, has security implications and can only be \r\nused with FLV files mostly.

Now we encourage user to implement proper HTTP Pseudostreaming through \r\ntheir webserver rather than using any script. HTTP Pseudostreaming does \r\nnot work by default on any webserver. A serverside module is needed to \r\nenable it.

The most popular module is H264 Streaming Module which allow user  to \r\nimplement Http Pseudo streaming for mp4 videos through IIS web server.How to Setup?

MP4 Encoding & Setting Meta Information via Media Handler Pro

Here we provide sample code that can help u to use Media Handler Pro component in your application (c#, to

i: Publish any format video to high quality mp4 format using libx264 codec and preset filesii: Set meta information to mp4 video in order to stream properly on web.

We recommend you to download latest ffmpeg build with presets support from

ASP.NET HTML 5, VP8 WEBM Video Encoding using Media Handler Pro.

Everyone who has visited in the past four years knows that you can embed video in a web page. But prior to HTML5, there was no standards-based way to do this. Every video you've watched on the web has been funneled through a third party plugin (QuickTime, RealPlayer, Flash).

HTML5 defines a standard way to embed video in a web page, using a

<video width="300" height="150"></video> element.

Support for the <video width="300" height="150"> element is still evolving, which is a polite way of saying it doesn’t work yet. At least, it doesn’t work everywhere. But don’t despair! There are alternatives and fallbacks and options.

 Video Codecs: There are tons of video codecs. The three most relevant codecs are H.264, Theora, and VP8.

Extracting Frames from video and Re encoding images into video using ASP.NET Media Handler Pro.

You can use the following code through ASP.NET Media Handler Pro \r\ncomponent to extract all frames of video into jpg images. \r\nExtracting Frames: \r\n[quote]\r\n_mhandler.InputPath = RootPath + "\\\\contents\\\\original"; \r\n_mhandler.OutputPath = RootPath + "\\\\contents\\\\thumbs"; \r\n_mhandler.FileName = "xmen-origins-wolverine.mp4"; \r\n_mhandler.OutputFileName = "sample_"; \r\n_mhandler.OutputExtension = "%010d.jpg"; \r\n_mhandler.Force = "image2"; \r\nVideoInfo info = _mhandler.Process(); [/quote]\r\nRe Encoding Frames / Images into Video: \r\nExample below will encode all jpg frames into flash flv video, you can \r\nencode it in any format. \r\n[quote]\r\n_mhandler.InputPath = RootPath + "\\\\contents\\\\thumbs"; \r\n_mhandler.OutputPath = RootPath + "\\\\contents\\\\flv"; \r\n_mhandler.FileName = "sample_.%010d.jpg"; \r\n_mhandler.OutputFileName = "sample_img...

ASP.NET Video Uploader User Control.

ASP.NET Video Uploader Control (.ascx file) include complex script that can handle video uploading, publishing to flash flv format, grabing single or multiple thumbs, set meta data for flash flv video, output validation and retrieve useful information from video in one step just by dragging control on page by allowing developer to avoid writing lots of code.

Visit Official Page of Video Uploader Control. for more detail, demo and example codes.

Features: Main features in ASP.NET Video Uploader Control includes, Video Uploading Video publishing using .NET

Media Handler Pro 5.0 Released

.NET Media Handler Pro media processing component version 5.0 has been released with lots of improvements, addition of advance features and simplifying code for handling advance level of media processing.

What's New in Media Handler Pro 5.0:

Generalize way to process any format media file to another format. learn more. Joining and encoding two or more video clips in one output file. Improved script for splitting video in small clips. Images to video conversion. Improved script for grabbing multiple thumbs. Now support grabbing thumbs from long length videos. Support using x264 preset files for encoding high quality h264 videos using libx264 codec. Redesigned parsing sc...

Normal and widescreen video conversion without stretching.

When you encode normal video (4:3 aspect ration) to widescreen (16:9) video, or in reverse widescreen to normal video, video is stretch out and in result output distorted or bad in view and quality. In order to avoid video stretching out and keep aspect ratio of video persistent, you can use technique called pillars. This is the "pure" method as it does not distort or lose any part of the original video or image. In this technique you will calculate space and add padding accordingly on proper direction to keep the aspect ratio of video consistent.Logic to calculate padding size and direction.

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro Basic Features.

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro is an ASP.NET video encoding utility that provide ability to publish / encode any format videos from one format to another format, prepare videos to be stream on the web, grab single / multiple thumbs, post watermark, retrieve information from videos and perform lots of other useful video processing tasks.\r\nYou can use ASP.NET Media Handler Pro component in any applications that is compatible with Microsoft .NET Framework. \r\nApplication may include.

ASP.NET web applications written in C# or VB.NET. .NET windows based applications. .NET web services. .NET win services. and more.

Main purpose of ASP.NET Media Handler Pro is to

Encode videos to be stream and play on variety of devices and web browsers. Grab thumbs to represent videos in galleries. Post watermark on videos while encoding to...