ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0 Released

After more than one year with thousands of improvements, fixes and design modification atlast we released video starter kit version 8.0 today. This version targets same core features but refined from every aspect.

As ASP.NET Video Starter Kit is built from more than 20 core sections which including upto 1000 features. There may be chances of small bugs, fixes, if you found it, just report it to us via our support forum or mail.

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Create and Customize Video Starter Kit Themes & Design

Video Starter Kit include more than twenty professional looking themes and provide flexibility to create your own themes or customize existing theme or change complete look and feel in just few minutes.

Video Starter Kit be default light weight JQUERY UI compatible design and themes. You can use JQUER UI Theme Roller to create any level of theme and embed it within Video Starter Kit solution just by following few steps.

Just follow easy steps to create your own them using JQUERY UI Theme Roller.

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ASP.NET Blog Kit - Ver 1.0 Released.

ASP.NET Kit s a complete code for posting, managing, reading and sharing across other blog engines via RSS or Feed Burners. It is also written in (c#, and fully compatible with Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition.
It include all basic and advance features that is required for building Blog / Article website in ASP.NET.
It is released as a plugin for Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition.
Main Feature Includes

You can easily integrate it into your existing Video Starter Kit - AE solution by just follow the simple instructions written in read me file.
Live Demo:

We appreciate your feedbacks. You can discussion and share your ideas through comments about improving ASP.NET blog kit">ASP.NET blog kit more.

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