Single Page Dashboard System for Mediasoftpro Products

09 June 2017

We replaced traditional dashboard system with angular js powered single page, real time dashboard system for all our products released after 12.0 version.

Although it makes customization of dashboard functionality little bit difficult if you have no working experience in angular js but it increase performance upto 20 times more than previous version and decreases upto 70% of code.

Not only it decreases the code but also provided ability to add features that were not possible utilizing traditional systems.

Here is preview of our new dashboard system.

We appreciate your feedback for making the system more improved and more useful in the future.

jMedia 12.1 Released

09 June 2017

Today we release enhanced version of jMedia Kit 12.1. 

What's New

jMedia Kit 12.1 includes the following new enhancements.

  • Celebrity profiling extended. Now support dynamic attribute management module. This module helps site administrator to manage unlimited attributes for celebrity or model profiles
  • Now celebrity profile can support 4 different types of profile image resizing and cropping
  • Support attachment of unlimited images with celebrity profiles.
  • Support association of media files (media albums) with celebrity profiles.
  • Improved cropping logic
  • And hundreds of more improvements and feature enhancements.



jAgency Model Portfolio & Booking System 1.0 Released

09 June 2017

Today we release customized solution jAgency Model Portfolio & Booking System 1.0 . It is currently available in ASP.NET MVC and soon will be available for ASP.NET Core & Laravel.

jAgency is a fully customizable, full featured, professionally written, cloud ready model agency portpolio solution that can help you manage unlimited model profiles, unlimited media albums, manage profile attributes, manage blogs, enable cloud for saving media files and doing customization in hundreds of ways.

Fore more detail about this product please visit product official page.