Normal and widescreen video conversion without stretching.

When you encode normal video (4:3 aspect ration) to widescreen (16:9) video, or in reverse widescreen to normal video, video is stretch out and in result output distorted or bad in view and quality. In order to avoid video stretching out and keep aspect ratio of video persistent, you can use technique called pillars. This is the "pure" method as it does not distort or lose any part of the original video or image. In this technique you will calculate space and add padding accordingly on proper direction to keep the aspect ratio of video consistent.Logic to calculate padding size and direction.

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro Basic Features.

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro is an ASP.NET video encoding utility that provide ability to publish / encode any format videos from one format to another format, prepare videos to be stream on the web, grab single / multiple thumbs, post watermark, retrieve information from videos and perform lots of other useful video processing tasks.\r\nYou can use ASP.NET Media Handler Pro component in any applications that is compatible with Microsoft .NET Framework. \r\nApplication may include.

ASP.NET web applications written in C# or VB.NET. .NET windows based applications. .NET web services. .NET win services. and more.

Main purpose of ASP.NET Media Handler Pro is to

Encode videos to be stream and play on variety of devices and web browsers. Grab thumbs to represent videos in galleries. Post watermark on videos while encoding to...

Blog Section Introduced in MediaSoft Pro Website.

At last we added blog section in our website to provide information to customers regarding any development occurs in our products, services & tools. \r\nIn bog section we will add articles related to our products, additional utilities that we work on it and other technologies related to video encoding, streaming & managing.In contrast we will post articles about.

Video encoding in ASP.NET. Video streaming in ASP.NET (SilverLight, WMV & Flash Streaming).