MP4 Encoding & Setting Meta Information via Media Handler Pro

Here we provide sample code that can help u to use Media Handler Pro component in your application (c#, to

i: Publish any format video to high quality mp4 format using libx264 codec and preset filesii: Set meta information to mp4 video in order to stream properly on web.

We recommend you to download latest ffmpeg build with presets support from

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 has been released.

We have released improved Video Portal & Youtube Clone Kit for ASP.NET

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 include more new features, improved existing features, fix bugs reported by customers and more.

What's New in Video Starter Kit 5.4: Video Starter Kit 5.4 bundled with lots of new features. Main features added include\r\n

HTML5 Video Player Support. WebM Video Encoding with HTML5 Support. Improved MP4 Video Encoding & Streaming. Featured Videos Extend Photo Gallery Feature. Abuse / Spam Reporting Improvements. Mail Template Improvements. and lots more. I: HTML5 Video Support:

ASP.NET Photo Crawling Script - Batch Uploader.

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit version 5.3 introduced more powerful photo crawling and batch uploading script for uploading photos in one step making it possible to upload and manage thousands of photos in few hours within website making website rich from content.

ASP.NET Photo Crawling Script:

Photo Crawling Script is powerful script written in ASP.NET which can facilitate website administrator to fastly upload and manage hundreds of photos within an hour to website by using single step. Main feature of script includes

Crawl photos from local computer or server by providing local destination path, or third party websites by providing direct url. Fetch and download photos to server from path provided. Allow site administra...

ASP.NET HTML 5, VP8 WEBM Video Encoding using Media Handler Pro.

Everyone who has visited in the past four years knows that you can embed video in a web page. But prior to HTML5, there was no standards-based way to do this. Every video you've watched on the web has been funneled through a third party plugin (QuickTime, RealPlayer, Flash).

HTML5 defines a standard way to embed video in a web page, using a

<video width="300" height="150"></video> element.

Support for the <video width="300" height="150"> element is still evolving, which is a polite way of saying it doesn’t work yet. At least, it doesn’t work everywhere. But don’t despair! There are alternatives and fallbacks and options.

 Video Codecs: There are tons of video codecs. The three most relevant codecs are H.264, Theora, and VP8.

Extracting Frames from video and Re encoding images into video using ASP.NET Media Handler Pro.

You can use the following code through ASP.NET Media Handler Pro \r\ncomponent to extract all frames of video into jpg images. \r\nExtracting Frames: \r\n[quote]\r\n_mhandler.InputPath = RootPath + "\\\\contents\\\\original"; \r\n_mhandler.OutputPath = RootPath + "\\\\contents\\\\thumbs"; \r\n_mhandler.FileName = "xmen-origins-wolverine.mp4"; \r\n_mhandler.OutputFileName = "sample_"; \r\n_mhandler.OutputExtension = "%010d.jpg"; \r\n_mhandler.Force = "image2"; \r\nVideoInfo info = _mhandler.Process(); [/quote]\r\nRe Encoding Frames / Images into Video: \r\nExample below will encode all jpg frames into flash flv video, you can \r\nencode it in any format. \r\n[quote]\r\n_mhandler.InputPath = RootPath + "\\\\contents\\\\thumbs"; \r\n_mhandler.OutputPath = RootPath + "\\\\contents\\\\flv"; \r\n_mhandler.FileName = "sample_.%010d.jpg"; \r\n_mhandler.OutputFileName = "sample_img...

ASP.NET Video Uploader User Control.

ASP.NET Video Uploader Control (.ascx file) include complex script that can handle video uploading, publishing to flash flv format, grabing single or multiple thumbs, set meta data for flash flv video, output validation and retrieve useful information from video in one step just by dragging control on page by allowing developer to avoid writing lots of code.

Visit Official Page of Video Uploader Control. for more detail, demo and example codes.

Features: Main features in ASP.NET Video Uploader Control includes, Video Uploading Video publishing using .NET

Media Handler Pro 5.0 Released

.NET Media Handler Pro media processing component version 5.0 has been released with lots of improvements, addition of advance features and simplifying code for handling advance level of media processing.

What's New in Media Handler Pro 5.0:

Generalize way to process any format media file to another format. learn more. Joining and encoding two or more video clips in one output file. Improved script for splitting video in small clips. Images to video conversion. Improved script for grabbing multiple thumbs. Now support grabbing thumbs from long length videos. Support using x264 preset files for encoding high quality h264 videos using libx264 codec. Redesigned parsing sc...

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - Embed Videos

Embedding videos is the powerful way to manage and share videos and increase your website visibility on the web.You can use Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition as a complete web application for managing, sharing and streaming embedded videos in ASP.NET. Video Starter Kit support three types of content management.

Site Videos: In this case only site videos will be allowed to be manage on website. Embedded Videos: In this case only third party videos via embedded script to be allowed on website. Both: In this case both site videos and third party videos allowed to be managed on website.


Embedding videos has lots of advantages.

No disk space uses. No special encoding tool or sdk requires. No bandwidth consumes while strea...

ASP.NET Silverlight Web Application

Microsoft Silverlight is a web application framework that provides functionalities similar to those in Adobe Flash.

Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition can be work as SilverLight web application to provide features for streaming wmv videos through silverlight players instead of flash streaming.

Configuring Silverlight Player / Streaming in Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition.

You can easily configure video starter kit to publish videos in wmv format and later stream through silverlight player.Steps:

Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition ver 5.1 Released.

Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition ver 5.1 Release with lots of improvements and new features.

New Features:New features added in VSK - AE ver 5.1 are

Archive contents. Set Meta information and Page title for dynamic and static pages from centralize location. This will help you to set Meta information and page title for pages easily without changing data on every page. It will ease your work if you setup Video Starter Kit Advance Edition for variety of purposes. Improved google sitemap for posting contents (tags, categories, videos) to google via sitemap. Fully compatible with ASP.NET Photo Sharing Script & ASP.NET Blog Kit">ASP.NET Blog Kit. Lots of more improvements in...

ASP.NET Blog Kit - Ver 1.0 Released.

ASP.NET Kit s a complete code for posting, managing, reading and sharing across other blog engines via RSS or Feed Burners. It is also written in (c#, and fully compatible with Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition.It include all basic and advance features that is required for building Blog / Article website in ASP.NET.It is released as a plugin for Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition. Main Feature Includes

Posting articles & blog posts with all actions including BBCode supported. Managing blogs in listings (Main Listing, Categorizing, Tagging, Archiving etc) Advance blog preview with all options for sharing, rating, commenting photos. Blog listing via RSS.<...

ASP.NET Photo Sharing Script - Ver 1.0 Released

ASP.NET Photo Sharing Script is a complete code for storing, managing and sharing photos and images on the web. It is written in (c# , and fully compatible with Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition. It include all features that is required for building highly complex photo sharing web applications.It is released as a plugin for Video Starter Kit - Advance Edition. Main Feature Includes

Uploading photos Managing photos in listings (Main Listing, Categorizing, Tagging, etc) Advance photo preview with all options for sharing, rating, commenting photos. Archiving photos. Admin management. and lots of more features.