Multi Language Implementation in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 6.0 introduced new approach for managing multiple language, culture user interface to provide ability for user to switch user interface language according to their desired region specific culture or languages settings.

Previous versions of video starter kit only support multiple culture specific resource files and admin can only set website specific culture via web.config file, so user have no ability to change language, culture with their own will.

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ASP.NET Image Handler To Resize and Preview High Quality Images in Real Time

In this article we will provide information and sample codes for creating image handler file in, c# or which can be used to resize image, generate highest quality output and show image preview in real time.

You can directly use image handler in image src path to process and display output on browser.

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User Role Based Permission in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit.

New advance role based permission system has been introduced for users in video starter kit 6.0. Via role based management site administrator can provide different levels of permission to certain users or default registered users.

Site administrators can create unlimited role based permission settings and assign any role based settings to default users. If there is no role based settings set, then all user will be free to use all website resources without any validation.

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ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 6.0 Has Been Released

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit & Youtube Clone 6.0 has been release with addition of more advance features, introducing new sections, updates hundreds of existing features, more infrastructure changes, restructured configuration section and provide sdk to developers to make customization of solution easy fastly and reliably.

What's New in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 6.0

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HTTP Pseudo-Streaming in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit

Both MP4 and FLV videos can be played back with a mechanism called HTTP \r\nPseudostreaming. This mechanism allows your viewers to seek to not-yet \r\ndownloaded parts of a video. YouTube is an example site that offers this\r\n functionality.

Previously we implement HTTP Pseudostreaming concept based on server \r\nside scripting. Such a script have lots of disadvantages such a script \r\nconsumes a lot of resources, has security implications and can only be \r\nused with FLV files mostly.

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Youtube DATA API in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit

Youtube Data API lets you incorporate YouTube functionality into your own application or website. The Data API allows a program to perform many of the operations available on the YouTube website. It is possible to search for videos, retrieve standard feeds, and see related content.
ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.5 introduce fetching videos from youtube based on various search terms and targeted categories using Youtube Data API.
You can  use video starter kit portal as a mini youtube website to retrieve millions of videos uploaded daily to your own website and manage it with your own way. This will make your website healthy, data rich which can increase your visitors from search engines tremendeously in result you will create great earning opportunity.
Which type of Youtube Data API features supported by ASP.NET Video Starter Kit?
Currently viideo starter kit using features related to fetching videos from youtube. Main feature includes.

How to enable Youtube DATA API in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit?
You need to perform the following steps in order to enable youtube data api on video starter kit solution.

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ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.5 has been released.

We have released ASP.NET Video Starter Kit ver 5.5 today with lots of new features, improved existing codes and make it more reliable and scalable at high level of load and data.

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ASP.NET Video Starter Kit Packages Reviewed.

From last three years we provide video starter kit packages based on feature differences to customers. Which create not only problem to us while maintaining different copies but also for customers while upgrading some features.

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Create and Customize Video Starter Kit Themes & Design

Video Starter Kit include more than twenty professional looking themes and provide flexibility to create your own themes or customize existing theme or change complete look and feel in just few minutes.

Video Starter Kit be default light weight JQUERY UI compatible design and themes. You can use JQUER UI Theme Roller to create any level of theme and embed it within Video Starter Kit solution just by following few steps.

Just follow easy steps to create your own them using JQUERY UI Theme Roller.

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MP4 Encoding & Setting Meta Information via Media Handler Pro

Here we provide sample code that can help u to use Media Handler Pro component in your application (c#, to

i: Publish any format video to high quality mp4 format using libx264 codec and preset files
ii: Set meta information to mp4 video in order to stream properly on web.

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ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 has been released.

We have released improved Video Portal & Youtube Clone Kit for ASP.NET

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.4 include more new features, improved existing features, fix bugs reported by customers and more.

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ASP.NET Photo Crawling Script - Batch Uploader.

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit version 5.3 introduced more powerful photo crawling and batch uploading script for uploading photos in one step making it possible to upload and manage thousands of photos in few hours within website making website rich from content.

Photo Crawling Script is powerful script written in ASP.NET which can facilitate website administrator to fastly upload and manage hundreds of photos within an hour to website by using single step. Main feature of script includes

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ASP.NET - FLV, MP4, Vorbis, VP8 WebM, PNG encoding in one step using Media Handler Pro

You can use the following sample code to publish any format video to flash flv, mp4, vp8 webm, ogg vorbis, grab thumb in one step using ASP.NET Media Handler Pro.

Note: You need to download latest ffmpeg build with support of VP8 codec

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ASP.NET HTML 5, VP8 WEBM Video Encoding using Media Handler Pro.

Everyone who has visited in the past four years knows that you can embed video in a web page. But prior to HTML5, there was no standards-based way to do this. Every video you've watched on the web has been funneled through a third party plugin (QuickTime, RealPlayer, Flash).

HTML5 defines a standard way to embed video in a web page, using a

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Extracting Frames from video and Re encoding images into video using ASP.NET Media Handler Pro.

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