Audio Sharing Script

ASP.NET Audio Sharing Script is a professionally written script which allows you to build youtube style audio or song sharing solution in, c# and easily and fastly.

It is builtin part of video starter kit solution and also available as a standalone application or utility to be easily embed in existing websites.

ASP.NET Audio Sharing Script Features

ASP.NET Audio Sharing Script is a professionally written solution with hundreds of features using latest web standards, tools (jquery, twitter bootstrap) and development languages (c#, Here is a list of main features available in audio sharing script.

  • Multiple audio or song uploading and publishing using advance youtube style jquery uploader with progress bar).
  • Multi format audio publishing supported (e.g publish single video or audio to mp4, wma, m4a, ogv etc formats) - view detail
  • Multi level audio publishing supported (e.g publish single audio with different bitrates and quality) - view detail
  • Support streaming audio on flash players.
  • Support both direct and sheduled publishing.
  • Multi server audio management (storing audio on local servers, remote servers (via ftp), cloud storage like Amazon s3 via REST protocol
  • Support managing uploaded and published audio on multiple servers via ftp.
  • Streaming audio (directly, via http scripts, via RTMP - adobe flash streaming servers and more.
  • Support audio or song albums to group multiple audio or song files in single albums.
  • Support youtube style audio management, preview, actions, ratings, comments, listings, searching, tagging etc.
  • Support adding audio to group.
  • Add audio or song to playlist or favorite list.
  • Support advance cache management to make shared listing cached for better performance.
  • Support marking audio files as featured or premium content.
  • Complete control panel management.
  • Support dynamic sitemap generation to submit audio or song urls to google, yahoo or other search engines for faster indexing.
  • Support advance search option for audio search.
  • And lots of more features

General Features

These are features which is shared among various core solutions including ASP.NET audio sharing script and its builtin part of core video starter kit solution

  • twitter bootstrap supported togather with jquery for making next generation web user interface.
  • Private Messaging Board , advance youtube style private messaging board supported with ability to send and receive private messages, group actions and friend invitations.
  • SDK & Configurations Advance configurations and sdk support which provide ability to customize video starter kit solution to any level based with your requirement easily and fastly.
  • Facebook Signup or Login supported which allows user to create account or sign in to website automatically just by clicking on facebook button.
  • Multiple Themes. Advance professionally designed twitter bootstrap compatible more than 20 themes supported.
  • Multiple Languages supported with proper admin management, admin can add more languages, enable multiple languages and choose preferred language as default language.
  • Mail Template management supported which provide ability to admin for creating more mail templates and update existing mail templates for sending professional mails to users on different events.
  • Content Screening to provide ability to auto review and screen user posted contents.
  • Abuse or Spam Reporting automatically prevent website from user posted contents that voilate website or certain users terms of use.
  • Comment Application. ASP.NET Audio Sharing Script support youtube style, facebook style, blogging style professionally written comment posting script, which provide ability to post comment on any type of record, vote up, vote down comments, mark as spam, reply to comment and other options
  • Action Module. ASP.NET audio sharing script support youtube style like, dislike, five star rating, add to favorite, abuse report, statistics and other action options based on content.
  • Adult Content. Adult content management with proper warning message supported
  • My Account Management. ASP.NET Audio Sharing Script support youtube style advance myaccount section with ability for user to manage account settings and their own contents in youtube style.
  • Category Listing Script. Advance multi level category listing script enables you to generate any level of listing easily by using few configuration steps.
  • User Role Management.
  • Packages Management.

Other Features