This page include examples which will help you encoding mp3 audio files from other format audio or videos in your .net applications using media handler pro

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C# Sample Code

Sample code for encoding any format audio or video to mp3 audio format using media handler pro in .net applications (c#,,

_mhandler.FFMPEGPath = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("~\\ffmpeg\\ffmpeg.exe");
_mhandler.InputPath = RootPath + "\\contents\\video";
_mhandler.OutputPath = RootPath + "\\contents\\mp3";
_mhandler.FileName = "sample.mp4";
_mhandler.DisableVideo = true;
_mhandler.Channel = 2;
_mhandler.Audio_SamplingRate = 4800;
_mhandler.Audio_Bitrate = 192;
_mhandler.OutputExtension = ".mp3";
VideoInfo info = _mhandler.Process();
// Check for errors
if (info.ErrorCode > 0)
Response.Write("Video processing failed, Error code " + info.ErrorCode + " generated");

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