Customized Products

List of customized products generated using our core products to meet the need to specific requirements.

ASP.NET Media Sharing Solution With Betube Template

It's a customized, full featured media sharing solution built using our popular ASP.NET jMedia Kit framework with popular media template Betube.

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ASP.NET jAgency - Model Portfolio & Booking System

Its a complete solution for building full featured, customizable, professional model portfolio & booking solution on the fly. It is currently available in ASP.NET MVC

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Our Products

ASP.NET jMedia - Social Media & Content Sharing Solution

Complete social media and content sharing solution built in latest ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core that can help you build feature rich, cloud ready, social media and content sharing solution on the fly that normally takes year to complete.

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ASP.NET jVideo - Video Portal & Youtube Clone

ASP.NET jVideo is a full featured, customizable, scalable & reusable solution available in ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core that can help you build professional, cloud ready, secure video publishing, streaming and sharing solution on the fly and have flexibility to extend it by adding unlimited funtionality.

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ASP.NET jPhoto - Photo Management & Sharing Script

ASP.NET jPhoto is a complete solution for launching photo sharing and hosting website. Using it, you can create professional, beautiful, cloud ready, highly profitable photos and wallpapers directory website. You can also use it as addon in existing solution for managing your products and services photos.

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jGamify - Gamification Script for websites

jGamify is a complete portable script that can be easily customize and extend with any requirements and can be easily integrate in existing solutions for adding complex gamification (levels, badges, rewards, points, credits, packages, events, lock / unlock features etc) functionality easily that normally takes months to implement.

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jChart - Organizational Chart Maker

jChart is a highly customizable, portable plugin that can be easily integrate in any existing solution to provide ability for creating, managing and displaying any level of organizational charts.

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jTree - Family Tree Maker Script

jTree is a starter kit solution written in pure jquery with backened php, that can help you integrate highly customizable family tree maker to provide building and sharing family tree charts in real time.

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ASP.NET Media Handler Pro

It's a small utility component written in c# that can be used in any .net application including to publish any format videos to another format, grab thumbs, split or join videos, post watermark, set meta information for mp4, webm, flv etc videos, extract info and perform other advance operation on the fly in background.

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