ASP.NET Video Starter Kit include almost all features that can keep your website secure from

  • direct hacker attaches

  • content abusing, spaming

  • content word voilations

Term content screening used for a process to automatically match each word written by user in (comments, posts, and other areas) with words set by administrator as abusive. It matched, script automatically take action on it.

There are two types of actions supported by video starter kit

  • Screen (this will highlight all matched words to site administrator at time when site administrator want to review any user posted content). It's good for contents which require manual approval).

  • Screen & Replace (this will screen and encrypt word e.g apple with a***e), its good for automatic screen and replacement of words.

Content screen provides lots of benefits to website and simplifies effort for site administrator to manage website contents if contents goes higher and higher. Main benefits including

  • protect your webiste site from abusive words that voilates your website terms or use. e.g using adult oriented keywords or words not only effect your website contents but also effect your advertisement with third party companies that not allow adult oriented contents including google adsense. In such result your advertisment may be discontinued.

  • keep your site clean from abusing words by automatically screening and replacement.

  • and more.


Site administrator can set content screening option from control panel -> settings -> general settings -> screen content dropdown

Keyword Management:

Keywords that are used by screening script for matching user data managed from dictionary management section of control panel.


Content screening with screen and replace option

Content screening with highlight option

Dictionary Management