Photo Uploader for ASP.NET vPhoto Kit

 ASP.NET vPhoto Kit support professional facebook style photo uploader that can help you upload unlimited photos at once in real time while making your photo uploading procedure easy.

ASP.NET Photo Uploader uses the following steps for uploading photos

  • Photo Uploading Options
  • Photo Uploader -> Select Photos
  • Photo Uploader -> List Photos
  • Photo Uploader -> Final Confirmation

Photo Uploading Options

This is the first step for upload photos in vphoto kit application. This step provide three options for uploading.

  • Direct photo uploads
  • Upload photos in existing album
  • Create new album before photo uploading

Photo Uploader -> Select Photos

This is main photo uploading step which allow you to select photos you want to upload.

Photo Uploader -> List Photos

This will display list of selected photos.

 Photo Uploader -> Final Confirmation

This section allow you to upload each photo (title, description, tags and categor). If photos uploaded via album, then category and tags will be selected from album categories and tag.