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ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - Tag Clouding

Note: ASP.NET Video Starter Kit is now officially replaced with ASP.NET jMedia Kit which is written from scratch using latest mvc / core frameworks. For more detail click link below.

ASP.NET jMedia Kit 

Tags: Tags are similar to categorities which is used to label content and group all similar contents in similar fashion as categories does. Each content can be label and group into multiple tags, e.g Mazda car can be tag into tags: exotic cars, mazda cars, coupe etc.

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit include advance and professional tags management to categorize similar user contents into groups created by users.

Benefits of Tagging:

  • It helps to organize contents into mini categories or topic wise which can be found easier through searches or tag listings.
  • It also helps to index content better and easier by search engines. A better way to represent data to search engines. e.g if a mazda car tags with exotic cars, mazda cars, coupe cars, same mazda car will be represent to search engine as exotic cars, mazda cars, coupe cars.
  • It also helps to access all contents easier by user or search engines in case when contents reach to millions of records.

Tag Types in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit:

There are two types of tags supported by ASP.NET Video Starter Kit.

  • User Tags: These type of tags generated by user at time of posting or uploading content.
  • Search Tags: These type of tags created automatically from user search words at time when user searches content. It helps administrator to review which type of keywords or searches used by normal user to search data in website. It also helps to generate auto tags which helps to extend tag cloud database and make it more search engine friendly.

Tag Levels in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit:

Video Starter Kit provide a way to arrange tags into levels. There are three levels available within solution.

  • High: Tag mark as high will be shown in top rating tag sections that appear on home page and other main section content pages.
  • Medium: Tag mark as medium will be shown on main tag cloud pages after high ranking tags.
  • Low: Tag mark as low will be shown on bottom of tag cloud pages.

Supported Contents:

Tagging in Video Starter Kit support the following contents

  • Videos
  • Audio Files
  • Photos
  • Blogs
  • Groups
  • Q&A
  • Albums
  • Galleries
  • Forum Topics

Process of Tagging in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit:

  • Users allowed to place tags while posting or uploading content under tag section.
  • User posted tag will be match with existing tags directory, if user posted tag does't match with existing list of tags, script will add user posted tag into database.
  • Newly added user posted tags will be deactivated until site administrator not review and activate it through tags management section in control panel. screenshot shown below
    Video Starter Kit - Tags Management
  • Once activated, newly added tags will be shown in tag cloud sections as shown in screenshot.
    Video Starter Kit - Tag Clouds
  • Greater will be the number of contents within tag, higher will be tag appearance in tags clouds.