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ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - Advertisement Management

Note: ASP.NET Video Starter Kit is now officially replaced with ASP.NET jMedia Kit which is written from scratch using latest mvc / core frameworks. For more detail click link below.

ASP.NET jMedia Kit 

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit include features to manage, configure and use both normal and adult oriented advertisement script on centralize location without making changes to every page or slot separately.


The following features available in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - Advertisement Management.

  • Ability to manage advertisement script e.g (adsense code) from control panel. Administrator can manage advertisement code or script using control panel - / settings -/ advertisement section.
  • Ability to mange normal and adult oriented ads.
  • Ability to automatically switch ads from normal to adult if adult oriented content display on website.

Supported Advertisement Slots:

There are user control developed for each type of advertisement script size located at /ads/ directory. User just need to drag advertisement user control on page where he / she want to display ads.

Video Starter Kit support same size advertisement slots as supported by Google Adsense.

Typical sizes are:

  • Horizontal - 234x60 - h_234x60.ascx
  • Horizontal - 468x60 - h_468x60.ascx
  • Horizontal - 728x90 - h_728x90.ascx
  • Square - 125x125 - s_125x125.ascx
  • Square - 150x180 - s_180x150.ascx
  • Square - 200x200 - s_200x200.ascx
  • Square - 250x250 - s_250x250.ascx
  • Square - 300x250 - s_300x250.ascx
  • Square - 336x280 - s_336x280.ascx
  • Vertical - 120x240 - v_120x240.ascx
  • Vertical - 120x600 - v_120x600.ascx
  • Vertical - 160x600 - v_160x600.ascx

Advertisement Setup

Steps to follow

  • Create new advertisement script using Google Adsense or other adscript provider or using your own ad script. e.g Ads script for "468x60" slot.
  • Go to control pane / settings / advertisement section. choose normal ads / 460x60 section and update current ads script or empty section with newly created ads script.
  • Same for adult script if available or leave blank.