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ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - Adult Content Management

Note: ASP.NET Video Starter Kit is now officially replaced with ASP.NET jMedia Kit which is written from scratch using latest mvc / core frameworks. For more detail click link below.

ASP.NET jMedia Kit 

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit include full support for marking contents (photos, videos, audio files, blogs, q&a, group) as adult oriented and provide ability to prevent displaying adult contents directly on website.


The following main features related to Adult content management is available in Video Starter Kit.

  • Ability to mark any content (photos, videos, audio files, blogs, q&a, group) as adult oriented.
  • Adult verification ability to verify and showing warning message if administrator allow adult verification from configuration section. shown in screenshot
    Video Starter Kit - Adult Verification
  • Auto toggle between normal and adult oriented ads based on nature of contents.