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ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - User Role Management

Note: ASP.NET Video Starter Kit is now officially replaced with ASP.NET jMedia Kit which is written from scratch using latest mvc / core frameworks. For more detail click link below.

ASP.NET jMedia Kit 

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit allow site administrator to create unlimited no of user roles and assign these roles to certain users or group of users or default users in order to restrict users to perform certain operations.

Site administrator can create custom roles to restrict the following actions.

  • Upload Videos & Audio Files
  • Upload Photos
  • Create Albums
  • Post Articles & Blogs
  • Ask Questions or Answers
  • Create Group
  • Post Topics
  • etc

Site administrator can choose any custom created role as default role so it can be applied on all default users.

He can also restrict certain user to forcefully apply any roles on specified user.