ASP.NET jMedia Kit is the world most advance cloud ready, fully customizable social media, youtube clone, video portal and content sharing solution for mvc and core. It can allow you to build / customize media solution with hundreds of ways according to your requirements on the fly that normally take huge amount of time, resources and investment.

ASP.NET jMedia Kit is wrapped with more than 10 core components (Videos, Audio, Photos, Albums, Blogs, Wiki, Forums, Groups, Polls, Q&, etc) with hundreds of reusable modules with centralize configurations that help you simplify customization and preparing solutions with hundreds of ways.

ASP.NET jMedia Kit act as a next generation framework for rapid application development using ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core, that can allow you to build professional solutions that cover any aspect of life faster and better. e.g You can easily extend ASP.NET jMedia Kit for building real-estate solution, classified solution, jobs portal and any level of other applications.

Main Features

Cloud Ready

ASP.NET jMedia have built support for both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud for storing and streaming media files securely.

Core Components

ASP.NET jMedia include more than 13 core components (Videos, Audio, Albums,Photos, Forums, Blogs, Q&A, Polls, Wiki, celebrity profiles will be add more), that can be used as a single core big application or can allow you to customize solution according to your requirements

Advance Dashboard

ASP.NET jMedia include single page advance dashboard sysytem written using Angular Js. Dashboard application handles more than 500 features from site configurations to data management and protection.

Media Publishing

ASP.NET jMedia support for publishing high quality media contents using own builtin encoder or utilizing Azure Media Encoder or Amazon Elastic Transcoder.

Multiple Languages

ASP.NET jMedia support enabling solution in multiple languages or choose your own prefer language.

Social Profiles

ASP.NET jMedia support user and celebrity profiles management with social communication, add friendship, private messaging and user content management


ASP.NET jMedia support advance album management for audio, photos and videos. Users can create unlimited albums and manage unlimited media files in each album. User can mark any album as private or share with others.


ASP.NET jMedia> include blogging module that can help you write beautiful blogs and articles.

Advance Configurations

ASP.NET jMedia include advance configuration modules that can help site administrator to on / off any features available in website via one click instead of making changes directly in code.

Advance Modules

ASP.NET jMedia include hundreds of additional modules that can help enhance your website ability. Advance modules includes multi language, mail template engine, abuse report engine, advertisement, block ip, data screening and lots more

Full Customizable

ASP.NET jMedia include hundreds of optional modules that can help you add unlimited features easily including searching, video listing, appointments and more.

Advance Filtering

ASP.NET jMedia provides various filter optionat that can help you group multiple items in a single units. Filter includes categories, tags, featured, archive and more

Advance Gamification

ASP.NET jMedia include optional gamification modules that can help you implement complex levels, badges, rewards, points, credits functionality within your solution.

Sitemaps & Feeds

ASP.NET jMedia support advance dynamically generated sitemaps & feeds for each and every dynamically added contents. Sitemaps can help index website pages & contents fastly on search engines

Advertisement Management

ASP.NET jMedia allow you to manage your own advertisement scripts to add monetization on each and every page.

Payment Subscription

ASP.NET jMedia support both credit based and monthly based subscription for purchasing movies or access premium / paid contents.

Abuse Reporting

ASP.NET jMedia support spam / abuse reporting component that can user to post abuse reports with powerful review system in dashboard.

Adult Content Filtering

ASP.NET jMedia support adult content warning & filtering module with smart functionality to load adult or non adult ads based on content nature.

Dynamic Sitemaps

ASP.NET jVideo include script to generate and prepare google & bing sitemap dynamically from dynamic website contents. This can your website to submit & index website content to search engines faster.

Categories & Tags Management

ASP.NET jVideo support categorizing & tagging videos & audio for better management, filtering and search engine exposure.

Content Screening

ASP.NET jVideo include script that can allow you to highlight or encrypt words that matched with words that are against your website terms of use.

Core Components Detail

ASP.NET jMedia Kit include more than 10 core components (Videos, Audio, Photos, Albums, Wiki, Social Profiles, Q&A, Forums, Blogs, Polls) and will be added more. Each core components include hundreds of reusable modules and functionality. Combined all core components and reusable modules can act as a framework that can allow you to customize it with hundreds of ways or generate more custom solutions faster, professional & efficiently.

List of main functionality in core components

Video Management

ASP.NET jMedia provides complete video solution that can allow you to implement video uploading, hosting, streaming, sharing and selling media files.

It allows various ways for uploading and publishing videos including

  • High performance uploader that can help you upload very large video files without effecting performance of your server.
  • Publishing module that can help you publish videos to streamable format locally on your server.
  • AWS Elastic Transcoder that can help you publish videos directly on cloud
  • Allow you to upload published videos directly with utility for generating thumbnails and capturing other video information.
  • Allow you to embed third party videos e.g youtube videos

It allows you to implement various streaming strategies including

  • Secure streaming implementation via AWS Cloud Front
  • Token based highly secure custom streaming implementation if videos hosted locally or on your own servers.
  • Stream protection via bandwidth throttling. The ability to keep control on bandwidth while setting different bandwidth options for free and paid users.
  • Support both normal and http progressive streaming

It allows you to host videos both locally and on cloud.

It also allows you to restrict videos for free and paid users.

It also provide options for selling HD videos live with ability to provide preview video as preview and provide option to buy full HD version via credits or monthly subscription

Will provide support for live cam streams soon.

Overall its a complete solution that can be customized with any level of video streaming requirements.

Audio Management

ASP.NET jMedia provides complete audio, songs, audio albums management solution that can allow you to implement audio uploading, hosting, streaming, sharing and selling.

It allows you to create audio / song albums, manage unlimited songs within each album, make albums publically available to other users.

It allows you to host audios and songs both locally and on cloud.

Photos Management

ASP.NET jMedia provides complete photo uploading and sharing solution that can be used or customize with hundreds of ways.

It provide professional uploader (easy to use) that can help you create photo albums and upload unlimited photos within created album on the fly.

It allows you to host and stream photos both locally and on the cloud.

It also allows you to group photos in albums, mark as wallpaper or editor picked.

Q&A Knowledgebase

ASP.NET jMedia include full featured Q&A Knowledgebase that can be used in various ways to boost your website exposure within search engines, help your customers find answers or ask questions and allow others to contribute by posting answers. Its fully community based and can be customize to use as a general Knowledge base for any purose or can be used as knowledge base for existing products and services.

Community Forum

ASP.NET jMedia include complete community forum script with all basic and advance functionality that can provide a discussion ability for your users, customers within your existing solution. Via forum script usres can discuss with each other on various topics that can boost your contents and exposures in search engine marketing and boost traffic.

Blogs & Articles

ASP.NET jMedia provides complete blogs / article section that can help site administrators or moderators to write articles, post blogs about different events, news, functionality announcements and hundreds of different ways.

Glossary & Wiki

ASP.NET jMedia kit provide optional functionality that can be used to group special keywords, topics in a glossary type environment that can help your users to quickly access various topics in a dictionary style.

Other Features

Cloud Ready

ASP.NET jMedia allow you to upload, publish / process, manage, stream and share high quality videos, audio files and photos. By default it stores and stream media files on local server but can allow you to enable Amazon AWS cloud for storing, publishing and secure streaming media files within one touch. Amazon AWS have built-in support in jMedia Kit, however you can extend it to integrate Microsoft Azure or any other third party cloud services easily if required.

Multiple Languages

Ability to manage multiple languages and select any of language as default language while provide option for users to select his / her desired language from selected languages list.

Credit Based & Monthly Subscription

ASP.NET jMedia kit optionally provide option for handling both credit based and monthly based subscription for access premium contents.

Listing SDK

ASP.NET jMedia kit provide advance listing sdk that can help you quickly build and generate listings for any type of content with any type of requirements on the fly without writing single line of code. Just need to configure listing attributes and you will get desired listing outputs

Gamification Script

ASP.NET jMedia kit include gamify script that can help you implement complex gamification system (levels, badges, rewards, points, credits, lock /unlock features) on the fly and customize it to any level

Third Party Videos

ASP.NET jMedia kit provides ability to enable or disable sharing third party videos on website. if enable it can allow users to embed third party videos (youtube, vimeo, etc) instead of uploading their own.

It also support Youtube Data API for fetching and managing youtube videos within your website.

Centralize Configuration

ASP.NET jMedia kit provides centralize configuration system in control panel that can help site administrator to toggle on / off any existing feature available within website and manage various global level settings.

If site administrator not want photos to be part of solution, it can be disabled by toggle it off.

Auto Content Screening

ASP.NET jMedia kit provide site administrator to manage list of black keywords (words that may be against your website terms of use or harm your website exposure) and enable auto screening. Once enabled it will screen every entered user data with black keywords and encrypt it (e.g books with b***s).

It also allows site administrator to highligh such words in user typed contents for moderators before approving user content.

Adult Sharing Script

ASP.NET jMedia kit also can be used as a complete adult sharing script that can help you upload, manage, stream and share adult contents.

It can also provide option to display adult warning message in case you want to keep both adult and non adult material within single solution. It have flexibility to auto switch between adult and non adult advertisement based on content selection.

Mail Processing Engine

ASP.NET jMedia kit provide advance mail processing functionality that can help site administrator to customize mail templates used in various site events. It can also help creating more mail templates and integrate it with any event with application.

Advertisement Management

ASP.NET jMedia Kit provides advance advertisement management that can help you manage both adult or non adult ads that will be displayed on various areas of website.

Control Panel

ASP.NET jMedia Kit have advance single page control panel application written in angular js that can not only allow you to manage site configurations but can also help you keep track of all uploaded contents, users posted data and take action on each and every part of solution or data.

My Account

ASP.NET jMedia Kit have advance single page my account application written in angular js that can help users to manage his / her profile settings and uploaded contents.

Error Handling & Auto Reporting

ASP.NET jMedia Kit include advance error management script, if enabled that can log every level of errors happens when user browse website and report it to site administrator via special reporting section in control panel.

Ban IP

ASP.NET jMedia Kit provideo option in control panel to ban ip address that may be used by hackers or users in suspicious activities on website.

Dynamic Sitemap Generator

ASP.NET jMedia Kit provide options to generate sitemaps dynamically for every type of contents and listings. You can easily integrate these sitemaps with Google / Bing / Yahoo and other search engines to allow them quickly index your dynamically added contents.

It can also allow you to generate ATOM / RSS feed that can be used to share your listing on third party sites / devices

Category Management

Managing categories are the most important part of any type of solutions. ASP.NET jMedia Kit provide advance multi-level categories management solution in control panel. Site administrator can use category management to manage categories for different types of contents (videos, audio, photos, forums, etc).

Tags Management

ASP.NET jMedia Kit also provide tags or label concept that can allow users to associate their contents with different tags or labels. These labels or tags can act as mini categories for grouping contents into useful tags or labels.

ASP.NET jMedia Kit also provide option to manage tags, search contents via tags, prioritize tags to boost website performance, search engine visibility and user integraction more


Besides these there are hundreds of more features and reusable components. Togather it allows to build the solution that normally takes year to build.

ASP.NET jMedia Kit have two packages

  • Enterprise Edition: 100% full featured
  • Media Edition: All features except Forums, Q&A, Wiki, Groups

Media Edition

Buy Now
  • 100% Source Code
  • Free Technical Support & Installation
  • Regular License

  • One Year Free Upgrade
  • Single Domain License
  • Price: $199
  • Extended License

  • Lifetime Free Upgrade
  • Unlimited License
  • Price: $499

ASP.NET jMedia Kit solution is fully customizable and free to edit any part of solution. There is no restriction there in any part.

Application is currently available in mvc and core platform. Working and deployment of jMedia kit is as easy as you are deploying other mvc or core applications. There is not additional configurations involve.

Regular license is designed for users who needed to setup product on single domain while extended license is designed for customers who are willing to use our product in unlimited solutions with extra benefit for life-time free update.

It support SQL SERVER as default database with entity framework. You can use MySQL or Oracle but you have to update their provider appropriately

Yes you can setup bandwidth for free and paid users. Note: this feature only available if you are using local server storage. If videos hosted on cloud e.g Amazon S3 then recommended to use Amazon Cloud front for video streaming

Yes you can enable third party videos from control panel. jMedia Kit have built-in support for Youtube Data API that can help you fetch single or multiple videos from youtube.

Yes you can easily replace existing player with any free or licensed player you have.

Yes it depends on you which type of ads you want to integrate with player. You can freely replace player or AD plugin to customize the behaviour of player and ads on player.

Please ask questions in our forum or use contact us to send your query regarding this product.


ASP.NET jMedia Kit is a huge application with 1000+ basic and advance features. We are working hare to release full documentation of each and every part in a useful manner. Soon it will be available only.

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