vGroup Kit

vGroup is a complete script for building next generation, professional, scalable and highly customizable facebook style social community, group portal solution in existing or standalon website on the fly using less amount of effort. Currently available in, c# and


VGroup kit include almost all basic and advance features required to build professional community, group solution. List of main features include

  • Create, edit and delete groups
  • Manage group users, contents, notifications and status
  • Manage group privacy
    • Open Group: Anyone can join.
    • Close Group: Group owner approval needed.
    • Private Group: only group owner can invite users to join group.
  • Manage group content posting actions
    • Post content to group immediately.
    • Group owner approval needed to post contents.
    • Only group admin can post contents.
  • Invite members to group either by private message or through mail.
  • Advance facebook style content sharing on group
  • Advance facebook style content actions (like, dislike, comment on post, abuse / spam report on post, delete post by auther of post or group admin)
  • Professional facebook style group profile
  • Advance script to generate post previews from url
    • Generate professional previews from website own contents (videos, albums, photos, q&a, blog posts, forum posts etc).
    • Generate beautiful previews from third party website urls.
  • Ability to post multiple type of contents on group.
    • Upload videos and albums in group.
    • Upload audio files and albums in group.
    • Add photos and albums in group.
    • Ask question, post forum post in group.
    • Direct content sharing on group (third part website contents, website own via facebook style url preview generator.
  • Support complete internal group searching for every type of contents.
  • Professional SDK supported which allow you to customize user interface and features without touching code. Main customization include
    • Group listings
    • Group Items
    • Toggle on, off various features
  • Advance mode selection supported which allow you to group similar categories, groups /community sections, tags of same content type e.g
    • Technology (mode: 1)
    • Cars (mode: 2)
    • Motor Cycles (mode: 3)
    • Entertainment (mode: 4)
  • Advance control panel which can allow you to manage almost every part, features and data related to groups and community. Main control panel option includes
    • Create Groups
    • Manage User Groups
      • Edit group information.
      • Delete groups and group contents.
      • Mark group as featured group
      • Approve, disapprove selected groups.
      • Enable, disable selected groups.
      • Review abuse / spam reports and take action on it.
      • Advance search for searching groups based on various options.
    • Create categories for groups.
    • Group categories via mode for different sections (cars, animals, etc)
    • Manage tags, keywords and terms for groups.
    • Advance configuration section to enable, disable various group related features.
    • Manage members and their uploaded contents.
  • Advance view statistics supported which allow you to can track
    • Today viewed groups & community pages.
    • This week viewed groups & community pages.
    • This month viewed groups & community pages.
    • All time viewed
  • User friendly urls for all dynamic pages for better indexing and user access.
  • Advance mail engine to send mails between question asker and answer poster.
  • Support generating dynamic sitemap for submitting q&a urls to google, yahoo or other search engines for better indexing.

General Features

vGroup Kit have hundreds of general features. Main feature includes

  • Private Messaging Board for sending private messages within website users and receiving website notifications.
  • Auto signup or login through Facebook Signup or Login button.
  • Support more than 20 professionally designed twitter bootstrap compatible compatible more than 20 professional themes supported.
  • Multiple Languages supported with proper admin management, admin can add more languages, enable multiple languages and choose preferred language as default language.
  • Professional mail processing engine is supported which allow you to manage and customize mail templates from control panel without touching internal code.
  • Advance content screening script to provide ability to auto review and screen user posted contents.
  • Provide abuse or spam reporting management to control spam or contents which violate website terms of use.
  • Professional comment posting script allow users to post comments on contents youtube, facebook and other styles.
  • vq&a kit support customizable action module which allow users to perform various actions on content including like, dislike, five star rating, add to favorite, abuse report, share and more.
  • Adult warning supported if content is marked as adult content.
  • vq&a kit support complex category listing script enables you to generate any level of listing easily by using simple configurations and properties.
  • User Role Management.
  • Packages Management to create list of packages and allow others to purchase package in order to upgrade access to different resources
  • Advertisement Management
  • Advance Pagination Management with implementation on any type of listing within few minutes
  • Video Playlist
  • Scalable Cache Management
  • Dictionary Management
  • Error Handling
  • Email Subscriptions: ability of admin to send email to all subscribers.
  • IP Ban
  • Tags Management
  • Autocomplete Search System
  • Archive listing of contents based on month, years


Currently vq&a kit solution is available in, c# and which runs under .net framework. There is no additional requirements for using it on your shared or dedicated server.

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