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Enable Amazon AWS Storage & Streaming - ASP.NET MVC Portal | Post: 21359

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ASP.NET MVC Portal? have builtin support for amazon aws cloud storage and secure streaming videos. It can be configure within a minute to setup whole application media storage and streaming via amazon aws.

Steps to follow

I: You must have amazon aws account, credentials to move forward

2:  Go to control panel -> settings -> configurations -> cloud configuration and enable 

i: Enable amazon storage for media files
ii: Enable amazon storage for photos

Before enabling that, you must setup

i: Two buckets in amazon s3 storage, one public bucket for public contents, one private bucket for secure contents that should be accessible only via cloud front private distribution. 

ii: Create two cloud front distribution, one for public bucket and one for private

iii:  Enter Access Key and Secrete Key

iv: Enter Region e.g us-east-1

v: Enter cloud front url for both public and private streaming

vi: Create key value pair and public key for secure cloud front streaming (streaming private content via cloud front)

Further Instructions:
Download .pem file from AWS -> Security Credentials -> CloudFront Key / Pairs Section Use the following online tool to convert pem to private key vai PEM to XML option Copy generated private code and paste it in above private key field

vii: Enter bucketname information

ix: Enter specific folder name within bucket for each type of contents. e.g recommended to organize content within bucket for different contents. 

like mp3 folder for audio, mp4 for videos, cover for covers, thumbs for thumbs and so on

That's it.  After that every thing will be saved and stream from cloud. Example is that uses cloud storage and streaming for videos, photos and audio files.


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