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Embed Videos - jMedia Kit

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ASP.NET jMedia ?including ASP.NET jVideo ?support various types of video uploading options.

Main video uploading options include
i: Real time uploading and direct publishing videos.
ii: Real time uploading and schedule publishing videos.
iii: Direct published video uploading tool
iv: Upload Videos via Youtube Data API V3
v: Embed Third party videos

This topic is all about discussing how jMedia support embed video options.

How to enable embed videos?
Site administrator can enable embed videos from control panel -> settings -> configurations -> media settings -> upload video type 

Here there are three options. 

i: Website Videos:  If enabled this option only allow website own videos. No embed option will be available.
ii: Embed Videos: if enable this option will disable website own video option while enabling third party embed videos.
iii: Both website and embed videos:  This option will enable both website own videos and embed videos

What comes under embed videos?
Embed videos target both third party videos via embed script like youtube embed script or iframe etc as well as support embedding videos via youtube data api. you can use other third party video sites api too like vimeo pro and more depend on your need.


Batch Video Uploads via Youtube Data API
You can utilize batch uploader option in control panel to fetch multiple videos at a time based on various search terms and options provided by youtube data api.


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