List of all mediasoftpro officially released products, utilities, scripts and tools by mediasoftpro. We are using latest web technologies including ASP.NET, MVC, jQuery, Angular JS, Bootstrap, NHibernate, Entity Framework and other tools for building next generation application development & solutions.

Web Products

jMedia - ASP.NET Video Starter Kit

It's a professionaly build highly scalable, customizable solution for building next generation social media and content sharing solution using latest, mvc, bootstrap, jquery and web technologies. It's built from all core solutions developed by us including Videos, Photos, Albums, Groups, Blogs, Forums, Q&A, Polls, Channels and more.

jVideo - ASP.NET Video Portal & Youtube Clone

Its a complete professional script with all basic and advance features needed to build beautiful, professional, lighter, scalable video sharing, hosting, managing, protecting and streaming solution using latest, c#,, bootstrap and jquery.

jPhoto - ASP.NET Photo Sharing Script

Its a complete professionally written script using latest, c#,, bootstrap, jquery and other web technologies that can help you generate professional, portable, scalable, lighter, latest bootstrap compatible, social photos, wallpapers sharing solution on the fly using less amount of time and resources.

vQ&A - ASP.NET Q&A Kit

It's a full featured lighter script for building professional style Q&A discussion forum for your business or website needs using, c#, technology.

Utility Products

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro

It is an encoding utility and ffmpeg wrapper written in c# and, which allow you to publish any format video to another format, grab thumbs, post watermark, split and join videos, retrieve information from video or audio and perform other advance media processing tasks.

ASP.NET vUploader

Its a lighter and professionally written ajax video uploader script that can help you to publishing single or multiple formats (e.g generate mp4, web, ogv, mp3) from single source, grab single or multiple thumbs, store it locally or using cloud storage (e.g amazon s3), perform advance validations and processing in just a single step. Fully portable and customizable script.

jGamify - Gamify Application

jGamify is a complex application that can allow you to implement advance gamification system (awards, credits, points, levels, rewards) within your web or mobile application on the fly.

jAngular Toolkit Mobile App

jAngular is a bundle of scripts, components, directives and modules togather can help you build complex angular js application on the fly that normally takes hours or days.

Mobile Products

jIonic PhotoKit

Its a complete, fully customizable photo sharing mobile hybrid application built using ionic framework with all basic and advance features required to build beautiful, next generation photo sharing application for ios, andriod and windows mobile devices.

jIonic VideoKit Mobile App

Its a complete, fully customizable video streaming & sharing mobile hybrid application built using ionic framework, angular js with all basic and advance features required to build next generation social video streaming application for ios, andriod and windows mobile devices.