ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0 Released

After more than one year with thousands of improvements, fixes and design modification atlast we released video starter kit version 8.0 today. This version targets same core features but refined from every aspect.

Design Improvements:

  • Introduced lighter, latest bootstrap 3.20 compatible control panel and front themes.
  • Replacement of app_themes folder with direct css usage to make it faster and use theme style sheets more efficiently.
  • Refined complete project user interface with bootstrap 3.20 compatible interface to make look and feel and html layout more cleaner.
  • More refined and responsive listings and image display.
  • and more

Video Streaming Improvements:

  • Introducing advance http script to progressively stream videos via html5 / flash player.
  • Introducing advance token & cookie based http stream protection.
  • Improved http streaming of private distribution over cloud front (RTMP and HLS)
  • Use of latest JW Player and MediaElement5 Player

Video Uploading & Publishing:

  • More improved uploader with encoding system.
  • Introducing direct video uploader which allow site administrator to upload multiple mp4 / webm etc published videos, capture thumb via HTML 5 screenshot taker, and capture duration of videos directly.
  • Improved audio uploading

Restructured Control Panel:

  • Complete redesigned control panel with enhanced management.
  • Responsive bootstrap 3.2 compatible admin control panel template.
  • More than 200 features in control panel that can control every aspect of website settings and user posted data.

Improved All Core Sections:

  • Improved almost all core sections including
  • Feature improvments of videos, audio, qa, forums, blogs and groups.
  • Improved displaying, listing and processing of data
  • Content posting structured are completely redesigned and more secured.

Data Access Layer:

  • Make data process layer more improved, scalable and secure.
  • Extended data access layer by introducing NHibernate and Entity Framework 6.0 (both nhibernate, entity framework) is in testing mode and not yet part of bundle

My Account:

  • Redesigned and improved control panel features
  • Retuned allmost all features (more than 100) avaialble in myaccount section.

User Channel:

  • Removed heavy loaded, classical style custom channels.
  • Make all feature tunned and lighter

Other Enhancement:

  • Using latest tinymice rich text box editor for posting contents through admin or user.
  • Improved way to use pretify js script to make code display in blogs, forums, qa and other part of site more beautiful
  • Improved wiki / article posting section (
  • Improved website design with enhanced footer.
  • Add optional theme switcher on top.
  • Update all features using latest jquery, bootstrap and other js files.
  • Improved album listings and previews.
  • Improved photo listing and previews.
  • Introducing advance image resizer / options to resize, download photos based on various optiosn (hd, wide screen, mobile compatible and more)
  • and hundreds of more improvemends.

As ASP.NET Video Starter Kit is built from more than 20 core sections which including upto 1000 features. There may be chances of small bugs, fixes, if you found it, just report it to us via our support forum or mail.