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Video Starter Kit - Installation Guide

These guides will help you to install and configure ASP.NET Video Starter Kit properly in your environemnts. For detail about product requirements visit product prerequisites section.

(Youtube Video Tutorial) for fast help and step by step installation and usage guide.

Step by step guide to install Video Starter Kit on development or production server.


ASP.NET Video Starter Kit requires the following pre-requisites in order to work properly on your server or computer.

  • IIS 6.0 ( Windows xp, Windows 2003 Server)
  • IIS 7.0 ( Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008)
  • .Net Framework 2.0 or later
  • Full Trust ASP.NET configuration. (required if video publishing on website required)
  • SQL SERVER 2000 or later (if MSSQL Server is configured)
  • MySQL (if MySQL Server is configured)
  • Visual Studio 2005 or later. (For development)
  • FFMPEG (for publishing videos, grab thumbs from video)
  • FLVTOOL (Setting flash flv meta information at time of video publishing)
  • MP4Box (Setting mp4 video streaming meta at time of video publishing

SQL SERVER Database Configurations

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit by default support SQL SERVER 2005. If you are working in local development you can use vstarterkit_db.mdf directly from App_Data folder. You can also setup database using .sql script file located at VideoKitEA\database\sql server\script folder.

  • SQL SERVER 2005: Execute “vsk[version]_sqlserver_2005.sql” file on database management to create database
  • SQL SERVER 2000: Execute “vsk[version]_sqlserver_2000.sql” file on your database management to create database and required tables.

MySQL Database Configurations

In order to use MySQL as database management tool. Please make sure that MySQL is properly install and configure on your server. We are using Navicate tool to communicate with MySQL database management studio. You can execute file located at VideoKitEA\database\mysql\*.sql on MySQL using Navicate or other mysql database management utility to create database and tables.

Administrator Account

Note: Sample user account with administrator previlage created by default. User “administrator” pass “1234567”. You can create account and update type=1 to mark user as administrator.

You can create your own account and just update user field 'type=1' in database to mark user as admin. You can use the following account to login on control panel. Once logged in, you can create unlimited number of administrators from member management.

Control panel can be accessed from
http://localhost/vsk/adm/ path

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit Installation

  • Create new virtual directory. (recommended)
  • new web site project using Visual Studio .NET (HTTP) or (File System).
  • Please make sure that your visual studio .net properly working with IIS + virtual directory by building and running empty web application.
  • Go to VideoKitEA\VSK[Source][C#][VB] and copy all files from folder to newly created web application. In case if you configure your product in c#.
  • Build your solution. If ok then proceed further
  • Copy other required tools that is available in bundle or downloaded directly from official websites. e.g ffmpeg, flvtool, mp4box etc
  • FFMPEG -> copy ffmpeg complete folder located at “VideoKitEA” or download latest build from official website and paste it on root of your web application. Folder name must be named “FFMPEG”
  • FLVTOOL -> copy and paste complete folder located at “VideoKitEA” on root of your web application.
  • MP4BOX - > same copy and paste on root of your web application.
  • JQUERY -> copy and paste complete folder located at ““VideoKitEA\JQuery” on root of your web application. If its not already available in video starter kit solution.
  • Visit plugin/iis section and choose proper web.config file for your environement. e.g iis7, iis6 etc.

Open web.config file and make the following adjustments.

  • Go to <appSettings> element and set default url.
  • Setup page and theme settings at web.config file.
  • Review themes and color schemes at themes section and pick theme from App_Themes section.
  • Setup Mail setting at web.config file within <> element.

Give full permission to folders

  • Contents
  • MP4Box

Build and run your solution again. Before running please make sure that you install and configure database using steps mentioned in database configuration section.

After running you will see ASP.NET Video Starter Kit output on your browser. Next step is to access control panel.

Control Panel

You can access control panel using /adm/ extension on home page. E.g. http://localhost/vsk/adm/

You need to add sample categories and adjust other information before using public part of website.

Once everything completed, Browse video starter kit on browser and start creating user account. Once user account created. Just make sure that folder created properly in /contents/member/ folder with child folders. All user contents to be store in user created folder

Once registration process completed, upload video and perform other tasks.

send us query if you face problem in any step or any part of web application.


Visit Configurations section for more detail about configuring website features.

Plugins: MySQL Integration

By default VSK support MSSQL as database management system. You can use MySQL as database management system using steps shown below.

  • Remove irSQL.dll from bin directory
  • Open web.config file and do the following changes
  • Remove or comment connection string under element <connectionStrings>
  • Uncomment connectionstring line under element <appSettings>
    <add key="connectionString" value="Server=SERVER URL;Port=3306;Database=DATABASE NAME;Uid=DATABASE UID;Pwd=DATABASE PASSWORD;"/>
  • And adjust their values with database settings.
  • Go to folder "VideoKitEA\plugins\MySQL" . Copy all folders from c# and paste it into VSK solution.
  • Copy "MySql.Data.dll" from c#/bin directory and paste it into VSK solution bin directory, if it is not already exist.
  • Build and run your web application.

Youtube SDK Installation

This feature is available in VSK 5.5 or later. You can use youtube sdk to fetch millions of videos from youtube and manage it with your own way. You can update website automatically once new videos added to youtube.

  • Register youtube sdk developer key via
  • Put developer key, name via control panel / configuration / youtube sdk tab
  • Put website username "e.g tommy01" to assign all youtube videos with current website user.
  • go to video/Default.aspx page and replace normal video player with modules/ytplayer.ascx
  • go to video/Default.aspx.cs or .vb file and adjust player parameters with ytPlayer.ascx e.g
    player1.Embed_Script = _script;
  • and comment all player parameters related to normal video player.
  • Go to control panel / youtube sdk / automatic crawler or custom crawler and start fetching videos from youtube.
  • For more detail about configurations visit configurations section of website.