Media Handler Pro - 2 Pass Encoding
Today we just enhanced ASP.NET Media Handler Pro script to support 2 pass video encoding. Media Handler Pro supported version 5.9 or later. The following two commands (pass 1, pass 2) as shown below can be executed via media handler pro component $ ffmpeg -i input.avi -pass 1 -an output.mp4$ ffmpeg -i input.avi -pass 2 -ab 128k -y output.mp4 Example code to execute above command to publish mp4 video MediaHandler _mhandler = new MediaHandler(); string RootPath = HttpContext.Cur
Two Pass MP4 Encoding via ASP.NET vUploader 8.0 Script
This post will provide additional uploader option specially designed for two pass video publishing implementation. Instead of single process, this uploader example uses single video encoding with two processes one after another in background. You can view demonstration via video Sample Code: Uploader uses normal encoding example for publishing mp4 video with pass 1 and pass 2, you can use your own ffmpeg commands. We strongly recommend to test your ffmpeg command directly before implementin